I don't know.
This certain song was supposedly played when they talked or when we started dating.
Whatever it is, it's pissing me off.
And I can't stop listening to it.
Why? Because the lyrics remind me of what we used to have, and what you threw away. It pisses me off.
Because you started all of the bullshit.
And now I'm just here, contemplating everyday. No matter what I do, I'm closing myself up.
because the lyrics were everything you said, and you just dumped it with the words "I don't know what I feel anymore"
I want a break.
Can't I stop wavering? And earlier I was thinking about how complex I am with guys.
This song, and these lyrics keep reminding me of you.
You're extremely happy at the moment though. I was worried that you and her would break up. Gladly, you didn't.
Why? Because even though you're "different" and you are living life free of the chains you refused to take off in the past, you can still hurt her, like you did with me.
No one wants that, right? No. No one does.
I hope you treasure her.
Although, i shouldn't be talking about this much.
This song that you had on your profile....
Just keeps reminding me of you. It's giving me a headache, and I'm getting dizzy.

I'll probably be listening to this until i remember every word of it.

You weren't "worth it."

Plus. Today's my mom's birthday. She's not even home.
I wish I had money to buy her something.
oh the troubles in life...