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Were wolf and his Owner (Wolfy-Nail story)

Puma's face was beaming, her ears ringing faintly.
The concert had been awesome! She had gotten the tickets as soon as they were out, to go see her favorite band rock the ********
out of the crowd in person. And she hadn't gone alone. Behind her, Argos lumbered along, his massive bulk catching glances all around.
No wonder really, he was twice as tall as the little blonde that was tugging him along!

The crowd that had gathered at the concert milled about outside the premises, people sitting around in the grass.
A lot of clothes were black, and considering it had been a metal festival, that was almost to be expected!
Puma had gone with the look too, wearing a set of strappy, buckled pants that were so baggy that part of her panties popped up over the pantsline.
A bare area exposed her trim, fit belly before a black, sleeveless hoodie with the band logo stamped on it tucked her brown and gold torso away from preening eyes, and
the entire outfit was sealed by an even shorter punky leather jacket, and a pair of black fingerless gloves.
She looked every bit the part of a metal fan as well as a beauty queen...

Puma slipped in between the little groups of people effortlessly, knitting her little golden hand around one of Argos's meaty fingers.
The giant bulk of her protegè somehow managed to squeeze in between the people without crushing someones leg underfoot.
he wasn't the talkative type, but Puma knew he was listening, and that he was in good spirits. The fact he didnt radiate brutal violence at the time
was one sign of this, but she had actually seen him wag during the concert. And watching a ten foot hulk do something as cute as that had made her
squeal a little...

She felt her body burn with the thrill of it all. Her tall ears perked in the warm breeze as she weaved out of the crowds, and tugged Argos along across the grass.
The concert had given her a feeling of bliss that still echoed in her, and she was not about to let it go.
They had reached the treeline by now, about forty yards from the outskirts of the metal-fans, when she turned to Argos.
A smirk crossed Puma's lips as she dug into her pocket, and fished out the little remote that led to his collar.
He scowled a little at it... he didn't like that little piece of plastic much at all.

Puma had been given it when she had gotten, in lack of better words, custody of him. She was just as much his handler as she was his lover, and not a lot of things could stop
a stressed out, angry werewolf from rampaging around town, but a giant shock-collar packing as much punch as a car battery, bolting
straight to the neck, usually worked. Of course Puma had always felt bad about it, so she weighd it out with a lot of cuddles and affection when he behaved right.
Regardless, she always kept the remote close at hand, in case he decided to start throwing cars at people again... And lately, he had been a little stressed.

"Poor baby, don't you think i haven't noticed you being a little edgy around all these people?" she cooed softly, ccaressing his chest.
It was soft and warm, a full pelt of insulating fur, but if she pressed it, it was hard as rock. It felt like a polstered bulkhead.
"I know you don't care for crowds sweetie, but thank you for coming along with me anyway. And since you've been such a good boy, i reckon you should get a reward for keeping a level head
between all those screaming people. I'm proud of you, and i think it's time you got a treat..."
As a token of appreciation, she gently slipped the batteries out of the little remote. Argos's features turned into a giant, toothy and very devious grin.
she slowly unzipped her jacket, revealing the soft fabric of the hoodie underneath.
"I'm not quite done for tonight, i think i could use a couple more kicks to blow off some steam..."

Only one thing gave her a bigger kick than a concert, and that thing was Argos without his collar to keep him subdued.

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