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Little Things Em Wrote.
Little Nothings~
I'm surprised so many people actually look at my Journal..tis not like I'm posting about my favourite sex position..HA. I'm wondering if my views would sky-rocket then..I wondeeer, anyways, so nothing has been going on. I'm bored. Somebody shouldn't take the time to read this because I'm going to ramble aimlessly about the nothings in my life. Ha, as if y'all care, hmm..what to do..So, if y'all don't know. I'm a freaking Potterhead. So I jus got through with my Harry Potter Movie Marathon..By myself. >> Forever Alone guiz. Anyways, I guess I'm classified as a slut now because I'm horny and travel to towns that express, "Horny Girls Come Hither" or osmething along those lines, you know the Town. Pshh, what am i complaining about? I AM a slut. Psh. On a good day. xD. Anyways. So if there is any Potterheads round UNITE with me!~ I doubt it. I've only gotten like, 50 views approx. Tis like a record man. What if I published a book or blog? Then what? I'd be screwed cuz no one would ever read it. Forever Alone guiz. ;l.

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Mon May 13, 2013 @ 07:11pm

Ur not a slut you always say no to me.... or maybe i am ugly.... well s**t i don't like realization !! I'm going to go now :S lol xxx

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