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I'd Like
Quietly placed beneath the leaves
A shame is buried with a love that's ceased
Silence, it shatters just like my heart
It is what I said it was from the start

Clouds failing to hold the rain
The sky is crying for those in vein
Hear the beat of a heart that's gone
Or at least that's what you thought
I'd like to still tell you
"So, I'll see you there soon"
And smile when I get there
With the room and food ready
I'd like to still hurry but
Those words have been buried
Along with you

I'd like to still hold you
And let our bodies touch
Like a rated something movie
About only love and
I'd like to have told you
The words I never said
The phrase I've been hiding
And now it's just regrets

I'd like to get you back
Live as if this never happened
Pretend we just met
Our feelings so backward