I'm at the part in my story where I'll have Fable clash with some of the beasts of Oblivion. It'll be a great battle scene, and I'm horribly afraid to type it. I don't trust my fingers or my mind to create something worthy of such a scene. In my head, I see something so chaotic, so horrific, so beautiful, that I fear I may not be able to put it into words. My imagination grows stronger while my writing abilities weaken, I'm afraid. I suppose I'll switch to another story for now, maybe focus on helping Melissa with her manga plot. Something to help me practice and develop my writing skills so that I can be ready to create such a battle.
I don't mean to brag, but I was a rather decent writer once, if I do say so myself. Is that skill gone forever, or is it merely lying dormant, waiting for me to rediscover it? Will practice reawaken it from its slumber, or must I wake it using other methods, such as inspiration and motivation? I'll try it all, practice never hurt, nor has inspiration or motivation.
Maybe it's just not my day for writing? Tomorrow may be better. It's easy to understand why my writing may be a little weak today, my heart and mind are distracted by something. Maybe if I can push my emotions and thoughts to the side, I can focus more on writing again.