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No Bouncing anymore?
Listening to The Bouncer soundtrack and I just remember how fun the game was. It's a PS2 beat 'em up made from SquareSoft(remember when they had that name?). It had three main heroes(yet, no co-op WTF?!) Sion, Volt and Kou. *thinks about Kou* He's my favorite. Why no love for this game?! It really had tons of potential. I could so see a new one on the PS3 and 360. Make it local and online co-op(drop in and drop out, of course). More stages, more characters. I could go on! Bottom line, make a new Bouncer game, dammit. Please, make it good too. Cause I'm not really a Final Fantasy fan, but even I noticed they have been going downhill for years!

That's all. Bye, bye!