I have no reason too portrude in violence so i sit in the back part of this day in silence try as i might wantin too act but body just cant find the style and i get shakey if it wasnt for you theyd break me and take under ground too another place were i just cant breath then my story would be left unseen what does it all mean when you witness some lights taken out and down the hole goes another dream, this just doesnt make sense hence the fact of this moral of the story, i cannot fight no more, its getting boring the same thing over and over no change just the same thing storing in your mind too the point were peace is impossible too find, but i think you got the wrong picture possible the wrong light fixture on the beauty of fighting for what you love with love when you see what your defending the status fits like a glove tonight, you fight cuz you dont care you do what you think is right, the crossing point is when you glance into the eyes of a glimoring smiles that may convince you ask you too stay a while, then it changes my mind sustains my time and i wanna fight a little more show my kids what i stood up and fought for i cant take this no more these clowns are clownin me sometimes i look down and let a frown on me till i feel the strength of what i once was not from no highs or a really good buzz, im starting too set life down like tile, id give up now but id hate too miss out on making something beautiful out of a broken smile