A weapon that is used by a Magus is known as a Mystic Code, passed down through the Botheric line, a special Mystic Code was crafted in order to hone and shape their craft; code name: Salamander Gloves. The Salamander skin gloves is an enchanted leather gauntlet made up of the skin of Salamanders across the world. The enchanted leather enhances control over Ignition and extends range on their Magical abilities that use heat and fire as a catalyst. The gloves allow the user to manifest as a control over Ignition and utilizes the wearer’s magecraft of Combustion. This allows them to cast spells through the gloves that sprout fries from afar and then directly influence the target to combust on contact rather than controlling the fire itself; due to the magus’ inability to manipulate the element to their will. Each spell that is sent through the gloves requires a single word chant which allows the gloves to absorb and release the amount of prana necessary to perform the designated combustion on impact. The totem on the back of the gloves opens its mouth when prana is released during combustion and closes its mouth during the release of fire based spells that pass through the gloves. Although the user was born with the nature element of fire they are still able to be burned, thus the Salamander glove allows the user a small degree of resistance to fire and heat, but is still capable of burning themselves or setting their clothes on fire; with the exception of the enchanted Salamander Gloves. When faced to other flame based attacks the gloves react as the heat in the air changes, by the totem’s eyes glowing with a small flame, the large the flames in the eyes grow the more dangerous the fire that is approaching the wearer is.