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First two crafts to start off my first summer break after first year in Uni smilies/icon_xd.gif
Box: Was a gift for a friend who LOVES the color pink...Painted the box pink and swirled on a darker pink...Turned out better than I expected smilies/icon_smile.gif and she happily enjoys the contents of it too. Box was filled with Pink Pocky, Pink lucky stars, Pink Hershey's Kisses, Pink pencils and pens, and a Pink notebook.

Bead Animal: Made with a kit that I bought from Daiso in Vancouver at the Aberdeen Mall (my most favorite place to shop in BC). For next time, I will be sure to dip the one end in paint again because each end COUNTS!. Also a reminder for next time...thread string through the last beads and then cut off the excess string smilies/icon_smile.gif

All in all: SUCCESS!!

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