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At 16 years old, only a sophomore, Ailie was enrolled in her 7th High School. The result being she was extremely introverted and shy. She walked through the halls quickly, her nose usually hidden in a book, or behind a pile of textbooks. She rarely made friends, only staying in one place for a few months before she left again. Because of this lifestyle, she had learned how to coexist with her peers peacefully, never making waves or being too exceptional in school. As much as this way of life broke her heart, she abided by it, for if anyone were to discover her secret again, she would definitely not make a clean get away this time. An average girl, shy, quiet, yet incredibly bright, feels like she’s stuck in a rut. She doesn’t feel like she fits in at anywhere. With no real friends, she finds herself doing nothing but studying and acing exams. All she really wants in life is for a true friend. Her aptitude for mastering any subject in front of her should be one to celebrate, but alas, she’s stuck in her shell, waiting to merely feel safe somewhere.