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The Past Two Days, And Today.
5/6/13- I went to a huge festival and played the flute in a enormous band! Its was so much fun. What really annoyed me thought were the people out off uniform!

5/7/13- I raged at Bob for thinking things that weren't true. I also found out things I kinda wish I didn't know. But its kinda useful that I do know. smilies/icon_wink.gif My that day was bad.

5/8/13- Bob and I barely exchange glances now. I honestly hate him with all my heart and soul! He is so stupid its redonkeylous! Chris even said he wants to knock the stupid outta him....but that's not happening.
1) Because there is so much stupid your not gonna be able to get it all out.
2) I would be a good person and not let him.

So yeah... that basically sums up these three days of my life. Sorry I haven't been posting daily, like I should be! It wont happen again! smilies/icon_smile.gif <3