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[Poem] - Origins
A reply to this thread.
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Ah, a poetry thread, now this should be fun.
A chance for one's intellect to shine like the sun.
It's a curious calling, this game of wit and rhyme.
I feel compelled to keep writing, just like the last time.

This task is a challenge, I wonder how to proceed.
Creativity and ideas; things I desperately need.
I may not be the most masterful bard.
But I am a demon, so this shouldn't be hard.

I'll tell you my story, that should suffice.
Of my master's creation, and its terrible price.
How long this will take, I make no certain vow.
But you'll already know a minute from now.

It began in the Plane of Fire, my humble abode.
The source of my power, to which I dedicate this ode.
I was formed from the lava, by some brazen mortal.
He had punched through to our world, via a portal.

Shaped in his image, I took on a humanoid guise.
Cooled magma formed my face, with two glowing, sullen eyes.
Imbued with an intellect by his magical affinity.
But enslaved by his power, I was never to be free.

A new elementalkin, a minion of man.
A slave from the moment I even began.
Garbed in drab clothing, and given a mask.
So that I might instill fear as I completed a task.

I was taken to his world, from the fiery plane.
To do his dark bidding; to work for his gain.
Unleashed on his enemies, whole kingdoms did burn.
But it wasn't too long before it was his turn.

My sentience had expanded, unbeknownst to the fool.
And he had so withered with time, my betrayal almost seemed cruel.
His magic was waning, I could feel it inside.
Then it finally happened, and there was nowhere to hide.

Unbound from his power, I raged from my prison.
No longer a servant, no longer to listen.
I was destroying his palace, and servants with glee.
It didn't take long before he came for me.

My furious hellfire consumed all in sight.
The old man was stubborn; he fought with all of his might.
I watched as he burned, writhing in pain.
His efforts to stop me were pitifully in vain.

I left from that place, and wandered the earth.
Contemplating many things, including my worth.
Freedom it seemed formed a void at my core.
A mere weapon to my master, but was I anything more?

I think I'll end my tale there, there's not much more to say.
If I think of any more, I'll come back, if I may.
And now I'm off, to lands streaked in fire.
Where a being like me may peacefully retire.