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Death's Journal<Avatar Profiles, Thoughts and Random Things
Short Story I wrote today:

Esmeralda has always wanted to slay Dracula for what he did to her family. He killed everyone except her mom and herself. At the time she was only three years old, but she still remembered it like it was yesterday even though that was ten years ago. She knew Dracula had turned her into one of his brides, for she had seen her and she hadn't aged a day since the horrid, grisly day. When she saw her, she had an instant flashback of that day. Tears ran down her face as she wondered if her mom remembered her. She felt like she was three again. She tried to go to her but when she looked back, her mom was gone.

Ever since that day she had been thinking about revenge. At age six she started to train herself to be a vampire hunter, and she had even meet Van Helsing and trained under him until last year. She felt ready, and thanks to Helsing, she knew the way to Dracula's castle. She had left at night so she could arrive in the morning so she could kill him in her sleep. The whole time there she thought of her slain family and her now undead mother.She was going to save her, and hopefully find a way to make her human again.

She had arrived at the castle earlier than she thought since it was still late at night. Unsure what to do now she hid in a garden. She hoped this mistake wouldn't cost her her life. She wept...she had made a mistake and now she wasn't sure what to do since she no longer had a plan. I'm such a child she thought. She calmed herself down, and figured she could stay there until morning and then do as she planned. She wiped her tears, and once her vision was restored, she saw her mother sitting next to her. Esmeralda pinched herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming. " Esme...." her mother said to her. She gasped. That was her nickname..she hadn't heard it in year, she held the storm of emotions back as she felt her mom's cold hand on her cheek. She was surprised by the coldness and involuntarily flinched at it. "Sorry mom..it's just you are so cold." Esmeralda said. Aspaisia (Esme's mom) took her hand away from Esmeralda's cheek. "Come with me my dear Esme" beckoned her mom. As she followed her, Esmeralda felt like she was under a spell. She followed Aspaisia into a a room that had a huge canopy bed. "Lay down" Her mother said stroking her hair. She did as she was told, and enjoyed the feel of the red satin sheets.

"Why did you come here my dear Esme...." Aspaisia's voice was angelic, until she let out a devilish laugh "You came to kill Dracula right, I know I've been watching you all these years Esmeralda." In a movement too fast for her to see, Aspaisia had pinned Esmeralda down. She cried..this wasn't her mother..not anymore anyway. How had she not thought this would happen. "I'm so childish" Emeralda screamed in desperation. "Of course Esme" Aspaisia said mockingly, "But I can't let you kill my husband" In a fluid motion, Aspaisia scratched Esmeralda's neck, and she cried out in pain as blood flowed out. Aspasia covered Esmeralda's mouth "Shh...my child" Aspaisia said, her angelic voice back, "I don't want Dracula to come in here and foil my plans for you Esme, dear." Aspaisia looked at Esmeralda with soothing eyes "Silence Esme.." Aspaisia moved a lock of Esmeralda's dark hair from her face and moved down to catch a drop of flowing blood. Aspaisia licked it, in a state of euphoria. Esmeralda passed out at the moment, horrified.

"This is where you die my dear Esme" Aspaisia said, with a hint of sadness. "At least as a human my dear child." She had regained consciousness to see her body full of cuts and her mother drinking from her. "M--mom" she said with little strength. "Don't waste your energy, I need you alive for what I am about to do." Aspaisia said looking at her. At that moment she knew what her mother was going to do, and she did not want it. She still had on her clothes and remember she had a stake in her pocket. She reached for it with all the strength she could muster and stabbed herself with it approximately where her heart was. The last thing she heard was an ear shattering noise that came from where Aspaisia was, and then she closed her eyes, letting her life leave her.

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