Sophisticated Grace
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Well Howdy there!
Ah' thought ah'd make this entry here ta help ya'll get ta know the real me a lil' bit better. So, uh, here ah' go!

Ah' live in the Golden State of California. Ah' lived here since ah' was a lil' girl.
Ah'm pretty much yer average teenager. Ah' like ta spend time with mah friends as well as make new ones. Ah'm a tad shy, but ah' guess ah'm still pretty social.
Ah' love music. Ah play the flute. Ah' mostly listen ta Taylor Swift and other country artists.

Ah am a pretty big fan of My Little Pony, (if it ain't already obvious) AJ is mah favorite pony by far. Ah can relate ta her in so many ways;
Family is the most important thing ta me. Ah'm a pretty hard worker, and ah' have a problem askin' fer help from others.

Well, that's enough of me ramblin' on 'bout mahself. Feel free to ta send me a PM or a friend request even.