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My life To get to know me beter and to know more about my life

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this day is no other
some of my pieces will include poetry.. or lyrics of a song.. usualy im the one who wrote it but if not i will give credit and the meaning will be in this section.. thank you for reading.

mouth sewn shut no one gives a damn look up she sees a person wait no its her reflection. all she wants is to be loved but yet no one gives a damn so she sits crying bloody tears only no one can hear to help her.
shut the ******** up her mind screams your worthless no cares why dont you go die slut
shut the hell up screams her heart no one will here plus your minds right yet you dont listen
why the hell arent you listening!
red tear stricken face she looks up to her knife the only thing she loves so much. she starts to reach for but she sees some one he grabs her hand and yanks her to him holding her close
get away from him you dumb a** hes going to end up hurting you like the rest! screams her mind
listen to us! I promise we wont hurt you
he rips off her stitches on her mouth wipes away her tears and gives her a gental smile
she screams no for the first time and looks into his eyes as he is worried she will betray him yet she just starts crying normal tears for once then she relizes shes found herself
shes found the person she loves
he found the girl he loves
her mind screams YOU ******** HEAD NOW YOU HAVE TO CUT
she shakes her head trying to get the thoughts out of her head he pulls her through
her heart screams DONT GO TO HIM HES GOING TO HURT YOU MORE NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she looks up smiling not following anyone but herself and knows that she has to stay with him so she can be happy..

the meaning of this poem is how I found my loving boyfriend
i was in the dark always feeling like i cant even be myself
even though we arent able to cuddle up and kiss like some people we know we belong together hes here for me im here for him ect. but the point is for the people reading this and aplly it to them selves EVEN IF YOUR FAMILY DESPISES YOU SCHOOL DONT LET YOUR MIND OVER TURN YOU NOR HEART FOLLOW WHO YOU ARE NO ONE ELSE
yes my family hates me cause im not a hipocrit but who the hell cares!? just me i was the only oine who cared who cared about how they thought of me find my bf he pulled the stitches off my mouth and now im myself best day of MY life so far is meating him and ALWAYS will be! so if your like me yet you cant get a girl OR boyfriend private message me I WILL ALWAYS CARE and if your a close friend JUST ASK FOR MY NUMBER and for me the one song that gets me through those darkest hours is three days grace never too late or three days graces songs.. alot of them when you interpret them trust me they will make you feel so much better
emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
Hailey (lolcat1232) please.. dont commit suicide its not worth it those people arent worth it trust me..

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Community Member

Tue May 07, 2013 @ 08:04pm

Aw, that put a smile on my face. Love you too sweetheart. ^^

dreadful succubus
Community Member

Mon May 27, 2013 @ 01:26am


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