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SnowStorm42's Journal
Trying to actually write well written stuff now
No Rest for the Wicked
Snow was at Vladek's Bar drinking away. He was humming the song "Sail Away". Suddenly he felt a looming darkness. He looked around and a saw a little silhouette of a girl with a knife. The silhouette smiled and lunged at him. Snow rolled out of the way. He had just recovered from the fight with the three Musketeers and now he was battling again. He got in a stance ready to fight the silhouette when a force struck his face sending him through the wall of the bar. Snow hit the streets of Durem hard. He groaned. The force was strong. He looked up to see Jack Hurako a cannibal, and considered an Easy bounty. That was bull. The guy's upper torso was made of an unknown material that was rumored indestructible. It was time to test it. Snow activated the Gogh Reed's lightning. He made a lance of armor piercing lightning and lunged at Jack. Just as he was about to strike his torso a shotgun blast blew Snow aside. No bullets. Just a blast. "Gas Mask" another Easy bounty. Why were the two working together? Snow's answer came in the form of a ball of fire. Andy Reacher appeared. "You again? What this time you need help to beat me?" Snow laughed. Andy made no response but launched a ball of fire. Snow tried jumping to the side but Gas Mask hit him will the shotgun sending him flying right into Jack's fist which sent him right in front of the fire ball. Snow lied on the ground coughing. 's**t this isn't good' Snow took two more punches from Jack and then a shot from Gas. Andy appeared above and launched himself down at Snow fist forward. Snow got slammed into the ground leaving a small crater.
Suddenly all went black, and then normal again. The three assailants continued their onslaught of combined attacks. EMBRACE DEATH Anti Snow whispered into Snow's ear. Snow shook his head but got hit square in the face by Jack. Snow went flying covered in blood. If you die, who will protect those you care about..Zack...Nicole...Blake...Selina? At the mention of Selina Snow snapped. The death whisper sensed it and acted upon it. There was a sudden burst of power. The area started shaking. The death whisper's shadowy rivers moved through Snow's body and attacked the gogh reed making it black. The purple Death Whisper Tattoo on Snow's arm a spread across his torso, under his scar, along his face and legs. Hyper form activated itself and a long purple blade appeared in Snow's hand. He raised himself with it. Gas Mask Jack and even Andy were taken back by Snow\'s New Look. It was one of darkness and evil. Snow grinned under his bandana which had covered his face randomly. "Lets go gents. I have places to be." jack started the attack. Gas Mask outran Jack and went to hit Snow with the butt of his shotgun. Snow stepped aside and flipped the blade so it'd face backwards, proceeded to stab back and stabbed right through Gas Mask. He hooked the chain from his drum stick onto the sword and then proceeded to punch Jack repeatedly to a point where Jack couldn't move to block. The punches were fast as lightning. Snow made three last crushing punches and when he stopped Jack's torso shattered to pieces. There was no blood. The guy just turned to dust and broken glass. Andy lunged at Snow hands covered in flames and punched at Snow. Snow pulled the chain and then pulled it up send the blade slashing upward at Andy. Andy dodged but Snow caught Andy by the face. Snow started slamming Andy into the ground repeatedly and quickly until there was a crater, many cracks and blood splurting out. "I pray you survive to tell the government to back off." Snow said with a tone of evil. He launched Andy at the houses to his right and fired a ball of purple fire at the houses. Snow pulled the chain sheathed the sword on his back and walked away. At the moment none of his actions phased him. Later he'd regret it all.

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