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Case # 2. The mexican hacker man.
Let call this bad mexican hacker man 66
So i am friends with this girl, we will call her 94
Some how 66 took over her account.
Then i got a chat from the account. Here is that chat.
( at the time i thought it was my friend 94 and she and me are close )
66 : hay, there is an event, did u get this free halo ?
66 : ( not gaia online used a Link sortiner )
Me : Let me see. ( CLicks Link )
66 : CooL. right ?
Me : Looks Like some hack, how dos it work ?
66 : u just need a real name and password
Me : ok ( types in " Fu dam hacker " pass F off no way )
66 : did u get an item
Me : ( clicks around more and ends up in my inventory ) no
66 : try this,
me : i did, holed on brb ( Logs out )
i went to my other account, ( i made a junk account to test some stuff and for more gold + free event itmes and space in my gaia shop )
in this junk account i used the real name and pass and then when to accounts to change stuff. then Looked at my inventory and thought to my self " ya it is fake, some hack maybe " Felt bad because my friend 94 Lost her account and made a not to tell every one i can so i could help save friends.
But some how my old account was Locked. My email sed " password changed, email address changed " First i when to the forum where i helped my friend from case 1 ( 45 )
i met a new friend, M and he helped me make the report + spam my old account.
the more we can get it to say the more we will know.
That day i did a report, from this account, to save my old account.