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like a diary but not really
I like to think I tried my best
Ships Included
I don't even ship half of these anymore.

Lists, bolded ship names, in case you wanted to skip over the useless text.

I have a problem shipping cute girls with cool guys.
Or the Love Interest with the main characters best friends.


Sasuke and Hinata - This is my OTP right here. It's cool if it's not your thing, it being a crack ship or your NOtp, but it's my thing.. While they don't have any interaction, I like the idea of them being together. Like, their personalities would fit each other wonderfully if they got to know each other. Being an Uchiha and Hyuga, though, I bet their children will be a bunch of Mary Sues/Gary Stus.

Hidan and Kakuzu

Karin and Suigetsu - Can't forget my love-hate relationships.

Marik and (Yami)Bakura - Have yet to get into Yu-Gi-Oh. But I love the Abridged Series.

Italy and Germany

Keima and Chihiro, TWGOK


Dirk and Jane - Sexuality aside, they are such good friends and have silly conversations together. And I guess maybe I started losing interest when they were in the crypts..

Dave and Jane

Gamzee and Tavros - PBJ, what can I say? Quite possibly my first Homestuck ship.

Equius and Nepeta - Meowrails <>

Aradia and Feferi

Vriska and Feferi

Meenah and Karkat

Gamzee and Jane


Cartman and Kyle - Oh god... I'm going back into my South Park phase again.

Craig and Tweek

Pete and Mike

Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash - I'm game.

Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry

Marceline and Princess Bubblegum - Oh you two, you're not fooling anyone..

Tina and Zeke

Louise and Logan - Logan is in, like, only two episodes. Both of them surrounding Louise.

Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck

Gerald and Helga

Duncan and Gwen - Liked it since the first series. Stopped watching Total Drama after 'Action'. I mean, cute goth girl and bad boy? Yes! And you know, at least it was canon for a while..

Sokka and Toph

Korra and Asami

Kevin and Edd (Double D) Ed Edd n Eddy, KevEdd. I blame tumblr.

Zim and Dib

Sunil and Vinnie, Littlest Pet Shop (2012) - My BROtp, borderline romantic. They have such a cute friendship, and that's why I ship them. I like that they're supportive of each other and like spending time together. And when they hug, its like, d'aww..

Blythe and Russell - The only human/pet pair I will ship on this show. I like to think he has a crush on her, but he doesn't know its a crush.

Blythe and Youngmee

Dipper and Mabel


Justin and Alex

Jade and Tori

Derek and Casey - Yes, I am a Dasey fan. I haven't watched LWD in a while tho.. If Life with Derek Again is a thing (which it might be), I guess I could get back into it. The show might not be on the Family channel though, which is great, as there might not be so much restrictions. Its a no-go.

Boomer and Mikayla - Boomer and Mikayla have a good relationship. From 'Platonic Life Partners', to romantic interests. And you know what, I really wanted Boomer to be King. Alone, Boomer showed good leadership skills. Brady was OK... and I didn't care much for Boz. You should watch No Rhyme or Treason.

Sheldon and Penny - I have only seen a handful of episodes, but SHENNY.. shenny is something I noticed in the beginning. It will never be canon, sure, but I don't care! They have good chemistry, and I am just glad they friends with cute moments.

Dean and Castiel

William and Julia


The Batter and Zacharie, OFF (game) - They aren't close in the game universe, as Zacharie is only a merchant. But I do enjoy a few AU's of them together.


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