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Tome of Darkness

- name:

- race:
Fallen Seraphim

- sex:

- appearance:

The Archdevil is exceptionally tall and muscular. His scaled skin is a deep, reddish brown, with crimson veins that pulsate visibly beneath its surface. His teeth have grown thick and elongated, curving like rows of spikes in his mouth. His face is a twisted mockery of human, with the blackened flesh pulled tightly over his skull. Each of his eyes are sunken in with pits of red in the center of each socket. Two gnarled horns curve from his forehead. His arms are as thick, twisted cords of muscle that end in ragged, blood encrusted claws. His final feature are his six tattered and burnt looking wings; three folded around his body like a cloak and three resting at his sides.

- height:
11' 6"

- weight:
1237 lbs

- abilities:

-Infernal Behemoth: The Archdevil has enormous physical strength, and is capable of lifting 100 times his own weight at maximum.

-Blood Claws: The Archdevils association with the forces of darkness has twisted his body, resulting in his fingers becoming powerful talons. Adamantine-hard, and always kept deadly sharp.

-Corrode Claw: The Archdevils Blood Claws are capable of exuding an acidic fluid from small holes. These are capable of etching through steel rather rapidly.

-Weaken: The Archdevil is capable of demolishing an opponent's fortitude by his mere touch to their skin. This significantly lowers their physical abilites to that of an average human - if his opponent is already a mere human, they become weakened to the point where lifting a sword takes considerable effort.

-Hellfire: The Archdevil can summon small amounts of infernal matter from the deepest levels of Hell to strengthen his attacks even further, causing considerable amounts of unholy damage in addition to his own inhuman strength.

-Unholy Aegis: The Archdevils' connection with dark forces is such that the most powerful of holy strikes against him are reduced in power, causing little more damage than a normal attack.

-Burning Aura: The Archdevil generates an aura of Hellfire about his person that can damages his foes when they attack him. Extend to 5" from his body, roughly 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

-Chitinous Armor: The Archdevil's skin has formed protective scales, giving him the effect of wearing a full suit of adamantine scale armor about his whole body.

-Regeneration: Capable of passively regrowing a lost arm in 4 posts; a leg in 6.

-Roar: The Archdevil is capable of letting out a horrifying, blood-curdling battle roar that can disorient and deafen any who hear it- the ground itself quivers at his roar.

- infernal legions

-Minions of Hell: The Archdevil is capable of summoning lesser demons to aid him. They are virtually no intelligence and exist only to fight. They are fast and posses lethal claws, but are fairly fragile.

- weapons:

Whip of Suffering- This weapon is a barbed whip. It inflicts only pain and poison, causing an opponent's use of powers to be destroyed utterly upon contact.

Greatsword- Ten feet long. Blackened carbide, with a demonic skull on the end. Capable of being charged with Hellfire.

- clothing:

- armor:
His skin,

- accessories:

- history:
The Seraphim are the highest order of angel, covering the throne of Heaven with their mighty wings. But there was one Seraphim that was not satisfied with this, and joined the rebellion. His power was so great that he was locked into the lowest dimension beneath Hell to await the day of judgement. Thanks to the foolish actions of a mage, he was released from his prison and now walks the earth. His only goal is complete and total conquest, and his power is next to godlike.

Evil Omens
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Evil Omens
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