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Xoel has no true physical form, and instead takes over the body of a creature and then uses his demonic powers to re-shape himself into whatever he wants. His most common form is humanoid. In this form he stands six-foot and weighs one hundred and eighty pounds. His body is devoid of hair, and in its place small horns line his eyebrows. Three thick horns jut from the top of his head and curve back, while three smaller horns line up between them to create a black 'crown' of sorts. Three horns stick out horizontally along the sides of both of his arms, and his fingers end in pointed claws. His thighs and shins have a thick layer of bony armor that protect against damage, and also serve as makeshift weapons. The tops of his feet also have two curved horns jutting out, which can also serve as weapons. His last physical feature are his twenty-foot wide bat-like demon wings.

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Iron Body:

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Demon Energy Manipulation
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Demon Ice Dragon:

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