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    Name: Arthus Maelor Ashwood | Class: War-Mage
    Age: 107 | Race: Human | Physical Appearance: Average height, broad-shouldered and toned. Oval face, narrow features. Dark green eyes. Long brown hair, trimmed beard, various piercings. Tattoos depicting demons and mythical creatures eating each other, with humans wielding magic; covers full body, back-to-front.


    Hood of the Manhunter
    A black hood worn by a great assassin, allowing them to lock on their targets life-force. The hood allows the wearer to track their target in combat without them having to rely on their senses. Very useful when fighting very fast, reactive opponents. Has a range of 20 feet.

    Armor of the Cursed Saint
    Brass-colored brigandine armor with overlapping armor plates and chainmail. Multiplies the wearers natural strength and stamina by 1.5x, allowing them to fight at near peak, peak or beyond depending on their conditioning. Indefinite, can be de-spelled. This armor also gives the wearer a 50% resistant to electricity and fire; translating to being able to withstand a 100,000 voltage current, temperatures over 2.500, ect.

    Slayers Axe
    A custom made double-bladed bearded axe. Pulsating within the blade is raw lightning magic, delivering 12,500 volts with each blow. The intensity of the lightning allows the blade to heat up and melt its way through armor and flesh. The intensity of the lightning magic can be increased twice over for a period of sixty seconds, five times per day.

    Small iron dagger 6 inches in length and worn on a belt affixed sheath. Good for stabbing a quick surprise stab.

    Pouch of Materials
    Leaf of Recovery
    Eating this recovers a little stamina, reduces the pain of fatigue.

    Powers and Abilities

    Arcana: Though known by many different names, this is the force that naturally permeates the multiverse and by which all spells are engineered and powered. | Sorcerer: Arthus has an innate connection to magic. He creates and wields magic intrinsically, using only his will. | Magecraft: Arthus is a quick study, able to learn new magic easily or create his own.

    Spell List

    Brief Background:

    As a child, Arthus discovered his latent power accidentally; conjuring a fire that led to the complete destruction of a farm. His parents were given the choice to turn him over to the custody of the mages guild, or be imprisoned indefinitely. Arthus ended up spending 10 years of his life at a college for mages, before his forced recruitment to a military facility to be turned into a war-mage.

    Despite the circumstances by which he had come to arrive there, Arthus enjoyed learning to develop his powers. Mages were harsher instructors than army drill instructors, and even more strict when it came to discipline. Arthus flourished under them, developing his powers by leaps and bounds. He even developed his own style of sorcery, which would later be taught at the academy.

    When war broke out between the current three kingdoms, the company of war-mages Arthus was assigned to was deployed to the front lines. There he witnessed countless horrors and atrocities; bloodletting on an untold scale. Till now all of his combat experience was confined to drills in a courtyard against straw men, not living humans. To survive he had to use all of his 'gifts' against enemy soldiers, watching his power reduce men to burnt husks, putrid liquid or frozen pulp.

    The nightmare only grew worse. On orders, the company of war-mages was ordered to raze an enemy city. The siege resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocents; Arthus himself closed his eyes as he sent fireballs into the homes where he knew people would be hiding. His wishes were to kill as quickly and possible, so as to limit suffering. He reached his breaking point when he watched a fellow mage kill a man fleeing with his children. Their screams, their terror, drove him mad and he delivered a fatal spell to his comrades back. In horror and driven by a fear of being caught, Arthus used his remaining power to bring a building down on top of his company. With no witnesses to his crime and the city desolated, he returned to his commander with the news.

    Arthus was honored as a hero at the wars end. All it brought him was a feeling of shame and disgrace. He melted his medals and discarded them in a river, and retired far away from the city.

    Arthus soon took a position as instructor at the mages academy, becoming known for lectures on mercy and humanitarianism in times of war. He taught only the skills that were mandatory, and replaced the straw dummies in the court-yard with living animals; so students could see the true effects of their magic on living tissue. Years later he became infamous for making his students keep a pet, only to have to kill it with their magic in order to graduate. Arthus wished to impose the true nature of war on his students. His methods led to a more humane, though not any less disciplined fighting force. Fearing that he might sow dissent and weaken the nation, Arthus was forcibly retired from his position and was to live his days out in an estate.

    One day, he simply...vanished.