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Cats Journal ^^
Nellis #1: Love is to die for
"NICK RUN"! Ellis screamed at the top of his hurting lungs. The hick watched as his teammate ran as fast as he could while a monster flung cars at the group. All he could do is watch the conman sprint though the maze of cars as he shot the rawring infected that surrounded him.

"I'm going to save him"! Ellis jumped out of the hellacopter and ran though the swarm of bloody walkers.

"NICK"! The young boy stared in fear as he saw the tank run to the man in the dirty, bloody suit, as he looked up to see two huge, heavy arms tower over him. Fear struck his mind and body as Nick began to catch up to his feet and sprint. Ellis, finally getting in contact of the conman, grabbed his arm, and ran, ran and ran for who knows how long. After getting to the dock, were the hellacopter was parked, Nick let go of Ellis. The boy turned in suprise and looked at the man, eyes wide.

"NICK THE HELL YA DOING? COME ON MAN! RUN!" Ellis screamed at the conman to respond to him, and after a few seconds, Nick looked at the southern hick, tears running down his face.

"Run kid, Just go...Ill meet you just go..." Nick quetly whispered. All the kid do was just stare at the man, as a monster ran, more and more close each second. Tears began to pour down Ellis's face.

"....I'm not leavin Yew."

Ellis grabbed the mans arm and pulled him into the hellacopter, and shut the door. The conman could see that the hick was saying somthing, and read his lips.

' Dont come back for me. I love yew guys. Especially yew Nick...Goodbye.'

The hick walked away from the hellacopter with only a molatov. He walked over to the monsterous beast. Nick yelled and scream at Ellis to come back and to not do it, but the southern boy could not hear the cries. The boy walked over, and threw the molatov, burning the monster, and himself.

"ELLIS! WERE ARE YOU!? PLEASE! ELLIS RESPOND!" Nick cried and cried while looking for his dear friend, Ellis. Then...He found what made the conman fall to his knees, And began to weep. It was the boys hat, in a pile of ashs, burnt and bloody. Nick grabbed the hat and sobbed.

"...Im going to miss you kid..."

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  • [05/05/13 07:53pm]
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