Recently, I was given the opportunity by Mr. Kyouya Ootori to visit the Durem apartment building he owns. He very courteously extended an invitation to live in whatever room in the building I so wished. It'd have been unwise to say no; real estate is always a good investment, especially when it's owned by the Ootoris. Business is business, after all. It's in such a prime location, too. The place itself is quite cozy, and it's a good nook to hide away in whenever the time calls for it. Certainly, it's not as grand as my room back in the first grand estate, or in any of our other homes for that matter, but it's quaint enough for me to be excited to spend time there. I'll have to see what can be done to make the apartment feel a little more like home, though I'll try to keep it minimalistic. The key word is try.

I've found some wonderful damask wallpaper that will be going on the walls as soon as possible. Debating a wooden or carpeted floor, currently, though I'm leaning towards the carpet. I'm a little thrilled to be keeping a place I can call my own. I'm independent enough for it, and the time away will be great. And it isn't as if I'll be spending every waking moment there. GT will always be first in my life, and since this is fact, I'll never be without something to do. Having the Durem apartment could actually help, given many of our associates stay out here in the city. Nice to pretend I'm not a snobby little rich girl. I'm a little worried, but frankly, my feelings are all over the place. I just want to settle in!

I chose the apartment next to the... landlord's. I share the fourth floor with him. Everyone knows how much I enjoy a lovely view. Being too close to the ground doesn't sit too well with me. The nearer to the top, the better. My one concern is that Kyouya Ootori's apartment isn't an apartment at all, but actually the headquarters for... the Host Club. I'm not sure how this makes me feel. I don't know if I can cope with seeing him th Who gives a damn, though? I can't be at the mercy of these boys my whole life, after all. I'll only have to worry about the noise, most likely. Yes. It's time to be grown-up.

Though I can't promise myself anything either... I'd just like to see where this goes and try to work with whatever comes my way. If it's too much for me to handle, not living there wouldn't be an issue. I'd still keep the investment value of the property. But let's not dampen my mood with thinking too much. I still have those Italian curtains to order. I mustn't ever settle. I deserve only the best. Yes, I am owed this. It'll be fine. I will be happy.