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Window To The Soul
Random thoughts about my random life.

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Just moments after hopping on Alex's back, Aria sat in a sort of stunned silence, her fingers still wrapped around the cold pack pressed against his cheek. In the brief moment after she had applied the pack to him, he had winced, ever so slightly. So he was human after all. He actually could feel pain. At the same time the blonde scoffed, the girl laughed quietly, nodding when he spoke to explain where they were going. "Where are we going after that?" Since it was clear that Alex didn't want to head back to his house because of the police, she didn't know where he was planning on heading for the night. She could always head back to her apartment, although she'd have to hop on the train again, but she wasn't sure where he was going to stay. Thinking about that, she realized just how tired she was. It wasn't necessarily that she had strained herself working or anything, but the constant stress and exhilaration of what Alex had put them through was exhausting. 'How has he not passed out by now?' Even though she had confirmed earlier that the young male was human, his stamina and endurance exceeded that of anyone she'd ever seen before. Glancing around, Aria took in the new area they were in; too many people, loud, bright with lights. She had to agree with Alex on this one, she hated crowds too. There was a moment of surprise with the grip on her legs was no more, but luckily she was already low enough to the ground that she landed on her legs with ease, finally removing the ice pack from Alex's cheek, slipping it into her bag. With him leading her by her wrist, Aria dodged through the crowds mostly with the help of the blonde considering she would never bowl someone over. Upon entering the shop, the girl's eyes widened and she pulled away from her companion just as he let go of her hand, looking like a kid in a candy shop. The amount of different parts, and wheels, and accessories was incredible, and an excited smile broke out on Aria's face. Examining the Predators once again to take in what they needed, the girl went about gathering what she needed.

[[ Word Count : 310 ]]

Smeeko Wrote:
yay more adventures. ; u ;

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