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I Dub Thee: "Special Edition"
<dream> 'Till we like before
Okay so, before the part that seemed to take the longest, there's this scene that only goes for a few minutes if that, where I'm sitting on a two-seater couch in the corridor of a school outside of the classroom I was going into next. There's one guy standing at the door to the classroom, another student, aside from that whoever is walking around the corridor seems to be minding their own business. One of my high-school friends comes to wait for class, sits on my lap and lays down, taking up the couch (For the sake of keeping identities, I'll refer to this person as 'Actor C'). It's a little awkward because I was hot on this girl, and up until this point there'd been no physical contact, I struggle for a while trying to find a place to rest my arms that doesn't make either of us uncomfortable. I end up settling for my right arm directly in-front of me, across her abdomen, and my left arm either behind her head or just off to the side I don't know.

Scene ends. Next scene starts without seeing people move into the classroom.

Actor C and myself are sitting either in the front or second row. What could possibly be Actor B (the student at the door earlier) or another actor, sits directly behind me, on the far right of the last row. The room is a little dark, I stand to open a blind to let a little light in. I think I looked back and asked Actor B for permission.


Actor C represents a girl that, while I've known since prep or grade 1 in primary school, I only really became friends with in year 11 when we shifted to the same school. We both went to different high-schools for years 7-10, so we didn't get the chance to develop a friendship earlier on like we most likely would have if we'd gone to the same school. She was into gaming and anime and whatnot like myself, was arguably very attractive, and had ethical views that lined up with mine in many ways, all these things together is very rare. She always however seemed very distant, and I probably only heard about whether she had a partner or not when she did, since she seemed to avoid talking about herself at school, all conversation was related to either school or hobbies. Like me. Which also suggests she may have similar reasons to me for hiding certain things about herself. One class we had together in Year 11 (among others) was Psychology, but I feel we mainly talked a lot in this class because the teacher was young and chilled, whereas in another class we had together the teach was quite the opposite, old and grumpy. She would always sit next to me, I think on every single occasion of that year, even at the start when I barely knew her and she just seemed to have the same connection with me as the common stranger. I remember one day about half way through Year 11 she says "You're really hard to get to know", and I paused and replied "So are you". I didn't mean anything by it at the time, but now I look back I see how that might have come off as a push-away thing to her, as she never openly talked about our friendship again for the remainder of school (that year and the next year -yr12). The classroom in my dream however didn't resemble the one this happened in at all, it was a lot more like the portable classrooms they had at my primary school. Maybe that's because subconsciously I feel guilty for not having known her then, maybe we would have been closer etc. But I tend to worry about things like that which I can't change so. To clarify, she would never have come and laid on me like that either, she was very distant like that, even from people trying to give her a hug or something, she pretty much seemed to avoid it.

Actor B could have been one of my best childhood friends. I suppose in a lot of ways he's the judge/observer. I always knew we were looking out for each other, and I'd occasionally ask him to help me make sense of a situation, and he'd always have an opinion without fail, something you'd have to think about for a while that you couldn't make up on the spot. The only reason I thought the person sitting at the back of the classroom in my dream was a different person to the one that was standing at the door is because the one at the door just seemed to be the observer, and I didn't get and vibe from him at all, whereas I got very negative vibes from the person at the back of the room, almost like the bully. Yet he could have been the same person because for a few years me and this friend didn't talk much, during high-school where for a while I felt he found better friends and left me behind, and during that time I think we grew apart a lot, but looking back at it now we hang out again sometimes makes me think maybe it was for the best, I don't know if either of us would have made the right decisions for ourselves. For example, I'm shifting away at the end of the year for Uni, but if we were still really close friends I probably wouldn't have made that decision unless he was going as well, I would have probably just got a job in town and stayed just so we could still hang out.

Funny twist, in a classroom, I generally pick the back-right seat, especially if it's against a wall. In any other situation apart from this dream, the actor I felt such negative vibes from would have been me. Probably looking over the classroom with jealously, observing how happy everyone seems to be and how successful they are socially, where the actor sitting at the back obviously didn't connect with anyone.


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commentCommented on: Fri May 03, 2013 @ 09:55pm
Dreams are so confusing smilies/icon_confused.gif
At times, i can swear that they have a way to predict the future, but at other times it's like they are based on what you wish/hope for.Then there are others that are based on guilt,fears and so on or ones that are just plain nonsense.
The worst part is that there is no way of telling them apart.
I just wish there way some way of decoding what they mean smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

commentCommented on: Sat May 04, 2013 @ 03:41am
I find them very useful in understanding what's playing on my subconscious. It's not too hard to read them if you try, and you understand what everything in your life means to you. In this instance it's a relationship that I wish I'd done better with, as it would have made my life more enjoyable by this point, so it's a form of guilt, but also a reality check, something I need to forget about.

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