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The fantastic journey of the neko nerd himself
a journey trough the land of Utopia
The beginning #2
1 day till unlock hidden talent

As Demetri and Mario are walking down the street we seem to be in a rush to start their journey they came up with a plan the leave the city without being caught by the angels first we go to the general store to get some equipment and make final preparations then we meet at the Sakura trees at five and Travel through the forest of kings.

As im trying to leave my family keeps entering my room to see if im still up here after a couple of times this happened it finally stops okay time to go I mutter I transformed into my cat form then ran for my life running down the street I see Mario running as-well i manged to catch up with him and we ran for it after a couple of hours of running in the dark we finally make it but we saw angels they knew that people tired to escape in the past so they kept it a close eye on it they spot us the charge at us i pulled out my dads katana and start waving it around as he instructed I created a barrier of wind that sent them flying across the place slamming them into the trees NOWS OUR CHANCE! Mario makes a run for it in the forest i follow him the angels couldn't follow us in their because of how close the trees were together so they couldn't fly and if they tried.after a couple of hours jumping from tree to tree we finally make it out i cheeked for any sigh of angels in the area coast is clear i yell to Mario he reapers from the leaves We made it to the center of the forest where my fathers tomb is located in their theirs a book that father assigned me to protect i enter the tomb Mario Follows he sees my looking at the book shelves Found it i smiled i put it in my bad then told mario we should keep going we left and continued on with the journey we dashed again from tree to tree then we made out of the forest again theirs no angels around these parts so we explored the area i cheek the map for the nearest town we are heading for oak-field oh that's where my grandfather lives we should visit he can teach me how to use more earth magic with my fists and hell help with your magic two he gives a big grin okay then its settled i smile now lets find some food im hungry.....

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