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In here are my ideas for role plays I would like too do/try.
This idea is for an daughter's friend roleplay though if you want too play more then afew years older we can make it like in sister's friend/ brother thing . Anyway the age of the girl I would like for you too be in this one is around 13. One day you admit too my daughter that you have an crush on me and maybe even had afew naughty dreams about me. She then let what you told her slip too me. I then tell/ told her I find you attractive too and she want us too be together but I tell her not too worry I wouldn't do anything. She wants us too be together so she comes up with an plan. She then goes too you and tells you you should go for it with me and she makes it seem like you two came up with the plan together. You both would be at the kitchen table and she would say she needs too go somewhere and leaves knowing I would let you stay. In the plan you would wait afew minutes and come find me. She tells you you just need too be alittle seductive because she knows I want you and it doesn't take much too get me going. I know this is kinda confusing, it sounded better in my head few days ago but we can straiten things out if needed.

In this roleplay again your around 13, I used too babysit you and you still come by from time too time. You come over upset because your boyfriend dumped you. As I console you I say things like how beautiful you are and how I would love too date you if you were older or I was your age. I don't know at the time but in your family they marry the girls off at an young age so when you tell them what happened they come/ came too me asking if I would marry you. We can discuss where you want too start. Like if it's when you come over or if you want too jump too the day you move in or what.

This is an father/ daughter ( again around 13 but as long as your under 18 it will work ) roleplay where I am an police officer that works on child sex cases. Over the years I have found myself going from be discussed with the cases too becoming aroused. I have even started taking photos of some of the nude photos on my phone and taking them home too masturbate too. I normally delete them when I am done but one day before I could you see them. At first your pissed but decide too use it as blackmail for the next time you really want something but I say no. Soon however you wonder like why I don't look at you like that. Sorry this is another one that sounded better in my head afew days ago but if you like it so far we can work the rest out.

In this father/ daughter one I catch my normally very good girl doing pot. I tell you I am going too call the cops and you beg saying you will do anything for me not too call.

In this father/ daughter one it is tradition that an parent is an child's first sexual partner so for years we would have talked about sex and watched porn together until you reach the age when it happens. You can pick whatever age you want.

In this father/ daughter one you come into my home office too ether ask for an raise in allowance or too talk about one of are birthday plans ( you decide ). I'm not it so you snoop around and find my computer on an incest site where I am talking too another user about my attraction too you but not being sure if I should try and prosue it or not.

I have an principal/ student one where your always getting sent too my office. During you latest trip I tell you this is the last straw your expelled. Knowing that you would get sent too your mean grandmother's if that happens you offer me an deal. You know I haven't had sex in along time ( it's something the other students bring up) and you have noticed me looking at you so you figure I would let you go if you had sex with me.

I have an mother/ son roleplay where we don't have much spare income. My birthday is the next day but you just can't get me anything nice. You go into my room too put some cloths away and you see my open journal on the bed. You take an peek and read about how for a couple of years now I have had sexual feeling for you. We then can go from there.

This one can be ether father/daughter or younger sister that lives with her older brother. We just moved too an new town. It's your first day or second day of school and one of the groups of girls wants you too become friends with them but they tell you too do so you have too do like them and sleep with your daddy or if you don't have one brother. You want too be friends with them but your not sure how too get me too sleep with you. You figure it won't be so bad, your last group of friends had always said I was handsome. What do don't know is that I have thought about you sexually alot lately.

I have another father/ daughter one where when you were little you where one of thoughs kids that didn't like being in cloths and would strip as fast as you could. Not wanting too argue with you anymore I had offered too let you be naked if you wanted as long as it was just the two of us home and as far as we knew no one was coming over. Your older now and have noticed that I have been looking at you differently then I used too. I was thinking we could have her see her father in an sexual way when she sees him naked for the first time, like she has been trying too get him too walk around naked and he finally does.

This one could be as father/ daughter , an friends sister, sister/ brother or anything like that. Some of your friends come over and after awhile tell you that they have an hot guy coming over too ******** you but you have too be blindfolded until he takes it off. They then leave you blindfolded just sitting on the bed but they tricked you, no guy is coming over. I over heard there plan and figure this would be an great opportunity too have sex with the an girl I have wanted for so long but knew I shouldn't/ couldn't.

In this lolicon one your mother as taught you the art of seduction. One night she tells you it's time too put what you have learned into practice with me as your test. She figures you might get me to touch you alittle but she is surprised too hear how far it went.

Father / daughter. In this roleplay my wife has been cheating on me for years but she as begun feeling bad about it. In her sick mind however instead of just stopping ******** other people she knowing you would do anything for daddy teaches you how too be daddy's little slut. When we begin she is going out with friends and she has told you this is the night too put what you have learned into practice. You tell her what happened the next day and we went alot farther then she thought and she confesses everything and we agree that she can ******** other people as long as you keep being daddy's sex doll.

In this father/ daughter roleplay when we were using science too help make you I bribed the lab teck too do what he had too do too make is so that starting on your blank ( the age you decide too play ) birthday you will become incredibly horny for your daddy and the big day is here.

This is all I can remember for now but I will add more as more comes too me.

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  • [05/02/13 10:26pm]
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