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Building stuff - New fish pond!
Sooo one of my favourite hobbies besides from sports, is building stuff.
I build my own stuff, because I am too poor to afford tradies lol, besides I'm a tradie myself.
My old fish pond is quite a good pond but I'm moving it next to our aviary.
Here is my old fish pond:

And here is our aviary:

On 27th Aug 2013, finally I started some real work on it (10 bags of sand, 6 bags of cement and a lot of block bricks):

28th Aug 2013:

29th Aug 2013 (Finished it! Finished my pond in 3 days):

Now just have to fill it half with fresh water, half with old water from our old pond, therefore we can put our fishes and water lillies in.
31st Sept:
Emptied old pond and fill up new pond.
Old pond:

New Pond:

So now I have to get rid of our old pond and make it into a flat ground (no ditch), to save on cement, I added stuff I don't need + dirt from my new pond (when digging).

[Then I have to break all the block bricks and tiles with a sledge hammer.
Fill it up with dirt = less cement.

And now add concrete: