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Lei's Notes
My OC : Kahoni Tilton
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Name : Kahoni Tilton

Nicknames : Honi, Ho-ho (usually called so by his sister Izabelle)

Age : 19 years old

Height : 6' 0'' (183cm)

Weight : 220lbs (100kg)


Body Type : Large build; very athletic and muscular upper body

Distinguishing Features : A Polynesian tattoo on his right breast, red hair (dyed)

Hair Color : Short and straight, shaved on the sides and combed forward; Red

Eye Color : Green

Other : Please refer to the first image below for tattoo

Clothing : He is often found shirtless. When wearing clothes, he wears a plain hoodie vest (usually red and zipped open), short pants, and converse shoes. And sometimes may wear a puka shell necklace

*Note - I purposely worded the clothing description as so to give artists a range to choose from on how to dress Kahoni. It is your choice, especially if you don't think you can draw his tattoo.


Kahoni is a talented young man and appears laid back- or to some, he might appear intimidating because of his mass. There's nothing to worry about, though, because he's excessively social, especially with girls. He has a happy-go-lucky, optimistic, and cheery vibe to him, and a lot of people find him lovable for that. He will go great lengths to cheer people up, even if he doesn't know them.

Albeit, he is a bit attention-deficit and is always getting into trouble whilst finding a way to entertain himself; using his quick-wits to observe and adapt to gain favorable results. Kahoni loves to push people over the edge who already have had their buttons pushed. He is the very person who will have you either love him or hate him. A word to the wise: don't get pissed off around him.


Kahoni was born into one of the biggest families in Hawaii known as the Tiltons, he is the second born son behind Jarvis and before his younger sister Izabelle. One would never see Kahoni anything but cheerful, and he is extremely protective of his younger sister so throw caution to the wind to anyone who manages to bring her to tears. The three siblings are very strong individually so it would be an amazing amount of effort to ever drive even Izabelle to tears.

Kahoni is a complex person because of his upbeat attitude and aura, it's difficult to swallow that he could be a pompous clown. He does not take much things seriously, even amid the peak of his mischief when he finds himself in a fight. Despite his mass, he is as fast as his wits. He seems to enjoy reading his opponent and dodging punches and kicks, chuckling all the while. If that wasn't enough to estrange one's fighting spirit, he laughs even harder when he actually gets hit. The only time he would ever throw an attack or retaliation is if he is up against two or more people, and even then he still laughs. People believe that Kahoni has a screw loose somewhere because of this.

Kahoni's strange quirks in fights is due to an event that happened in his childhood. Back when he and Izabelle were in elementary school and Jarvis went to middle school, they would walk a few blocks after school to home and Jarvis would get off the school bus to meet them half way. On this particular day, however, two teenage boys had seen the youngsters walking alone and had decided to harass them for anything of value. Kahoni tried to protect his little sister but he was powerless against the two teens. They shoved Izabelle to the ground and ripped her bag from her, then punched Kahoni in the face and took his bag. Kahoni doesn't remember a whole lot of what happened afterwards because he was dazed from the punch, but he does remember gaining consciousness as Jarvis and Izabelle were carrying him toward home. He peaked back and saw one of the teens motionless on the side of the road and the other on the ground where Izabelle was shoved also motionless. Jarvis was breathing a little heavy and his knuckles had blood on them... putting the pieces together, he realized that Jarvis took on the two teens by himself and walked away without a scratch.

Kahoni never understood why those boys had to be so evil and attack two little kids to take their things. Since then, Kahoni never liked any anger, hatred, or anything mean. He seems to push people past their limit so that they would let it out.

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