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missing in action

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I was in a classroom on the side of this mountain. It was beautiful with clear blue skies and a bright blue lake far down below. The class was amicably chatting with each other not doing anything in particular. I looked out the window again and saw other students running and appeared to be screaming. I looked up and saw a cloud of smoke spew from a crack forming at the top of one of the nearby mountains. I screamed because I saw lava begin to pour out of the top and the ground began to shake. Everyone scattered and rushed to get outside. Everything was still shaking and there was old snow being moved around and rocks falling from high above. We had to climb because there was nowhere else to go. Our last desperate attempt at escape was almost a futile effort. I pulled out my phone and saw there was only 30% left. If I survived my phone couldn't stay on long enough to do any good. I was still focused on getting away but I knew I wouldn't make it. My fingers shook as they found the buttons to type in Ira's numbers. If I was going to die today, I wanted my last words to tell him I loved him. Rocks began splitting off in big chunks and we all heard a huge explosion behind us. My alarm thankfully woke me up before I would see my death. First day in a while I was happy to wake up at my alarm.

In Spanish we started working on this packet of 100 questions and we each have to answer them and then each ask each person in the group in the question (it's helping us with learning the past tense). I've been working with this group since class yesterday. My group is comprised of this sweet korean girl who I usually work with, as well as this kid I'm sure is still in high school (he's also usually in my group), and this "new" guy who was in my english class as well as his twin. Him and his twin brother are also (obviously) in my spanish class now. I don't know how I feel about him. He's always trying to make jokes, mostly to make me laugh. Then today I came to class without a jacket and was sniffling (allergies) and kind of shaking (hadn't eaten today). Then I drank some water and started choking (god, kill me I'm such a hot mess) and he was like "are you okay? do you have a cold? you're shaking, are you cold?" and I was like "no, no. i'm fine."
"are you sure?"
"yes. just saw my life flash before me eyes." and casually tried to blink away the tears that the choking brought on.
"are you cold?" he asked again. "do you want my jacket or something??" and I just kind of look at him and say no, i'm okay.
like okay, you barely know me and you're offering me your jacket? idk if you're being genuinely sweet right now or creepy.
then after class was dismissed we both stood up as we were packing up and he's like "aww look, my brother is talking to a girl. i'm so proud of him." I almost said, well hey what are you doing right now??? but I just laughed and said, "he's all grown up now."
just what the heck? is he just friendly or is he trying to get at me. this is the question of my life.

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