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Pop'n poems!
Hello viewers! This is Zeda, your idol (I hope..), telling you that I have added some new additions to my journal that I know you'll love! (I hope..) Read on guys & girls!
Butei Academy
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                                    n a m e | Simoni Kassab (سيموني كساب).

                                    n i c k n a m e | Sika.

                                    a g e | Eighteen.

                                    g e n d e r | Female.

                                    h e i g h t | 5' 6"

                                    w e i g h t | 113 lbs.

                                    g i f t | Extensive efficiency with any and all weapons or vehicles she operates, regardless of history with them, and to massively greater capacity than humans are capable.

                                    r a n k | Only just an 'A'.

                                    d o r m |

                                    t e a m |

                                    p e r s o n a l i t y | Slightly "urban", yet surprisingly cultured, having a general love of rap, hip-hop, football, fancy cars, expensive clothes, history, folk music, and mythology. Takes a relatively professional stance on most subjects if she's on duty, but very laid back and opted for fun when she's not currently in the field.
                                    Well.. She usually is, but less-so when she's getting shot at or stabbed or some s**t.

                                    s t o r y | Simoni comes from a family of butchers based out of Beirut. That is what they do, and that is their name. 'Qạṣsāb'.

                                    She volunteered into the LAF Ground Forces where she received her training and discovered her unique aptitude for objects of military use, then being when she was transferred to the local Butei. Heavily underfunded and under-equipped, she had three teammates in the entire island force and their armaments were throwback guns and low-grade items suited to their talents.

                                    Simoni served the Lebanon Butei for three years until a routine patrol mission when a landmine destroyed one of their two armored vehicles killing the operators. When they moved to aid, the remaining vehicle came under fire, her partner receiving fatal wounds from a friendly LAF grenade. Sika made a short stand against the attackers, taking nineteen of their forces before she was extracted by ground reinforcements.

                                    After the sudden decimation of her unit, the Beirut Butei was permanently dissolved and she was transferred to a foreign unit with necessary funding for her talents to truly come to light, and it is here that we find her now. Sika is new to the country, but she's learning the language and quickly acclimating to the new society. So far, s**t's pretty hype.

                                    w e a p o n r y |
                                    ~ Mk.14 EBR for general engagement, playing to her more mid to long ranged accuracy based tactics.
                                    ~ M93R Beretta for close range. Mostly spray-and-pray if they're close enough for her to use it.
                                    Can empty the magazine in under four seconds from a full 21 rounds while maintaining pinpoint accuracy.
                                    ~ M26 MASS for door breaching and close quarters less-than-lethal.

                                    t r i v i a | Speaks a number of languages at varying levels of fluency, namely English, Arabic, French, and Japanese.
                                    Enjoys playing and watching football, particularly her national league home team, Les Cèdres (الأرز). Mostly out of loyalty than anything.
                                    Dreams of traveling the countryside via tank. Or something armored, at the least. Like a Jackal.
                                    Huge fan of the VDV Russian Airborne Song.

                                    t h e m e | Cherniy Bumer - Серёга. gaia_crown

Zeda Ennd
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