well im back. i was stitching this tiger pattern and i ran out of this one color of thread that is the last color that i have to do on this tiger. that was a full skein of thread!!!! well im back at the library and trying to save some more patterns but my flash drive wont let me. keeps saying file cannot be created. and i just found this site wherre i could download this free pattern maker program and i cant save it. window pops up file cannot be created. so i guess i have to empty out my flash drive and then see what happens. makes me so mad, i could say a rash word. hahahaha!!!! well since i cant finish the tiget till i get to the craft store,to get more thread i started this other pattern, called dignity and disgrace. i think its a cat and dog in a barn. kind of hard to tell from the pattern that i have. but once i get more stitched on it i should be able to tell what im doing.hahahaha!!!!! well today is a friends birthday. david taylor, i went on facebook and typed heim happy birthday to u and he wrote back, hes 48 and said that sucks. well im 49 soon to be 50 on aug. 28. no that sucks!!!!!! well its getting to be that time wherei have to go so bye for now!!!!!!!