Corvus Enca
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Fallen Quest
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-Formula 1: Fallen Quest Inizio

Blessed Stellarite x1
Bloodgrass x2
Chicken Fletchings x5
Anycolor Dyes x5
Nitemare Collar x1
Demon's Sweat x1
Sacred Key x1

Cost to craft: 2,000g

-Formula 2: Fallen Quest Due

Salt x10
Sea Water x10
Giant Squid Ink x4
Devil Imp Potion x1
Nitemare Bustier x1

Cost to craft: 5,000g

-Formula 3: Fallen Quest Tre

Sulfur x4
Mandrake Root x1
Nightshade x1
Nitemare Claws x1
Nitemare Boots x1

Cost to craft: 7,500g

-Formula 4: Fallen Quest Quattro

Angelic Headband x1
Blessed Stellarite x5
Angel Imp Potion x2
Succubus's Blood x1
Succubus's Bone x1

Cost to craft: 10,000g

-Formula 5: Fallen Quest Cinque

Uriel's Wings x1
Lepidopteran Silk x5
Hippogriff Talon x1
Troll Snot x1
Growth Formula x5

Cost to craft: 50,000g

-Formula 6: Fallen Quest Sei

Basilisk's Teeth x4
Moonbeam x1
Wizard Leaf x2
Nitemare Sarcophagus x5
Nitemare Chair x5
Nitemare Table x5 (2/5)

Cost to craft: 60,000g

-Formula 7: Fallen Quest Sette

Royal Crown Black x1
Dust Of Timex5
Severed Soul x4
Bahamut's Bone x2
Amphithere's Feather x2

Cost to craft: 70,000g

-Formula 8: Fallen Quest Otto

Nitemare Neck Scarf x1
Griffin's Fiery Feather x1
Bottled Up Moonlight x2
Hexed Leather x2

Cost to craft: 80,000g

-Formula 9: Fallen Quest Nove

Angel Imp Potion x10
Blessed Stellarite x10
Phoenix's Feather x1
Angel's Tears x2
Angel Imp's Feather x3

Cost to craft: 100,000g

-Formula 10: Fallen Quest Dieci

Azrael's Wings x1
Ectoplasm x5
Moonstone x2
Grey Body Dye x1

Cost to craft: 1,000,000g

-Formula 10: Fallen Quest Undici

Quantum Particle x1
Ankou's Strand of White Hair x4
Demonfly x10
Rubyback Lion x1

Cost to craft: 1,000,000g

-Formula 10: Fallen Quest Dodici

Eldritch Horror Tentacle x2
Angel Blood x4
Leviathan's Venom x3
Sentinel's Headplate by Dernier*Cri x1

Cost to craft: 1,000,000g

-Formula 10: Fallen Quest Termine

Blessed Stellarite x20
Dark Matter x5
b*****d's Heart x5
Philosopher's Stone x1
Toscano Jacket by Dernier*Cri x1
Smouldering Helm by Dernier*Cri x1
Divine Feather x1

Cost to craft: 1,000,000g