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Annoyance: Happy Birthday Dinosaur
MUSIC: "Doomsday Disco" (oCaU Trance Remix) - VOCALOID Luo Tianyi

So I have this friend I've met in 2005 and while we don't talk as much anymore (mostly due to her college life + having a life UNLIKE A CERTAIN FAT ALIEN/cough), and normally I don't do this, but today is her birthday and dammit I'm wishing her a Happy Birthday 'cause I can. /coughcough

She use to be on Gaia too, but has since dropped off the face of Gaia entirely. :'D

So happy birthday, Tea-Dino! May it be awesome and don't get a raging hangover. :U

PS: I'm coloring one of your presents right now. And there's more to come. OHOHOHOHOHO. *ahem*