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I had two dreams last night. In the first, I was going to California on a road trip and on the outskirts of my hometown I stopped to say hello to two friends of mine, Kate and Cory (not actually friends of mine, but two youtubers who are dating). They had recently moved into a new house from because stalkers had found their newest home in socal so they needed a completely new change of scenery. Then the house was ambushed by 30 people who wanted to see them either severely injured or killed. I told them not to worry and I would protect them and help them get out of there. I didn't have any weapons to fend them off I could only rely on my hand to hand combative skills. It was incredibly frustrating because every time I would knock one out another would come up from behind and I was beginning to exhaust myself.

The second dream I was at this super mall. I remember wandering into a perfume store with two friends of mine. Along the bottom of the front glass counter I remember seeing manga and my mom was adamant about buying DNAngel Vol 2 even though I told her at least 50 times that I already had it (specific and incredibly random). I then found myself in another store where I saw Garrett Hedlund. We were either friends or lovers, it was incredibly hard to tell. We hugged tightly and talked for a little while. Then he started to get angry or frustrated at something but I don't think any of it was directed at me. He pulled me close and kissed me briefly before stalking off again. Later there was a staged attack on the mall and people started dying left and right. I was one of the few people who was able to survive but I remember seeing many people die, some I knew some I did not.