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My Books (continued)
This is continued from the Journal on my old account. So I should be continuing "How To Bring Your Stories To Life"
Welcome To My Life Chapter 7
Chapter 7
Memory One
(I Forgot The Impossible, And Murder A Pillow)

Okay, worst date ever. I'm bored out of my mind, so I start the computer back up and go to Youtube. I pick out a song. Someday by Nickelback, my favorite song. I'm singing along as I unpack the boxes.
"How the hell'd we wind up like this? Why weren't we able, to see the signs that we missed? Try to turn the tables..."
"Bethany, can you keep it down a little bit? The neighbors will hear you." My mom yells from a few doors down. I want to tell her to lay off, but that wouldn't really help anything. Except the fact that I really need to either yell at, or beat the crap out of something right now. I keep unpacking until I find a pillow, then start punching it and throwing it at the wall. I wish I'd stayed with my friends in America. At least then I'd have friends. Here, I'm the new girl with no friends, and no life.
"Bethany? What the heck are you doing in there?" Mom yells again.
"Nothing, just unpacking." I answer.
It takes me about an hour to finish unpacking and getting everything where I want it. I look around the room, a little less upset than before. I've listened to a whole bunch of Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, Skye Sweetnam, Halestorm, Three Days Grace, Skillet, and Taylor Swift songs while doing this. When it comes to music, I'm really not that picky. I’ll listen to just about anything but rap, with a few exceptions.
I go back over to the laptop, and open a new tab. I'm going to Gaia again. One problem though. I remember my username, but not my password. Oh. My. Gosh. I can't believe it. The one thing that I never forget, regardless of what it's for, is a password. STUPID CONCUSSION! So much for seeing if Irene was online today. Why didn't I write it down? Oh yeah, I was afraid that someone would find it and hack into my account. CURSE MY OVERALL DISTRUST OF PEOPLE WITH THINGS THAT I'VE WRITTEN DOWN! Now look where that's gotten me. I don’t care how over-dramatic I’m being, right now I hate my life.

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