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kesenai tsumi ♥
i use this as an online diary.
foot tattoo healing
this thing hurts so ******** unbearably. it`s still swollen as hell to the point where i can`t even walk. i haven`t left the house since i got it a few nights ago. where the ******** can i get a pair of crutches around here? my foot is bruised pretty badly too.

fml i can`t tolerate this and i ran out of weed... i can`t even get more seeing as how i can`t ******** walk and my dealer is a 25min skytrain ride away.

it wasn`t even ******** worth it because the b***h couldn`t tattoo for s**t so now i`m stuck with this hideous shaky tatt. the only reason i allowed her to touch my skin with a needle is because she`s like 3x cheaper than going to a shop. soo when it heals i`m gonna go to an actual shop to get it touched up! as well as the one she gave me on my arm last year. then all this ******** pain would actually be worth the beautiful tattoo! yay.

i hate having to take ******** ibuprofen nasty s**t. ughh i need weed and crutches and life will be sooo much easier. smilies/icon_crying.gif:evil:smilies/icon_gonk.gifsmilies/wahmbulance.gif

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