Hey guys!c: well here's book 3 of the Protectors series!8D Sorry It's not as long as 1 and 2 I just felt there wasn't more to put into this one because after I had covered everything I wanted to... well I had finished the story.xD But the next one will be longer! So anyways enjoy!c:

The Protectors Book Three Changes: After finding out what Lois did Kate does something... That no one will see coming, and when Trixie who is suffering abuse from her dad and trying to lose weight comes up with her own idea of how to look better will it really do her any good? Also both Kate, and Rexie are faced with more family issues when they find out a secret that was kept from them all their lives... By two older Foxes who they never knew even existed. Then when Mike asks Lois a question... How Will she respond to it?

Lois's eyes went wide as Katie lunged for her... The older Fox was so scared she couldn't move... Therefore allowing the younger one to knock her down onto the floor.


"KATE! GET OFF OF ME!"Lois snarled trying to escape her daughter's grasp.

"NO! YOU ARE A COLD HEARTED b***h! YOU DID WHAT YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO DO!"The younger Fox yelled glaring down at her mother.

"Oh so... No support for me now, huh? I might be pregnant and if so I'll need help!"Lois replied.

"I AM NOT HELPING SUCH A STUPID PERSON! YOU SHOULD JUST GO A HEAD AND GET A ******** ABORTION!"Katie growled as her voice became louder.

"Kate... I am against that! I will never do such a thing!"Lois added growling.

"I HATE YOU!"Katie screamed right into Lois's right ear and them got off of her mother, and ran out of the living room heading for the stairs.

"Why is she like this?"Lois thought as she got up from the floor, and made her way to the sofa where she laid down...

Meanwhile upstairs Kate was having a melt down in her bedroom as she opened up her suitcase... She remembered all

the times Lois threanted to kick her out... And despite that her mom didn't have the heart to do it, even thought

she said it... Well the young adult Fox knew she had to go...

And with that Katie got packing throwing in all of her belongings into her suitcase, and once she finished she

checked the time on the clock that hung on the wall in the upstairs hallway.

10:00pm... It was late, but Kate couldn't stand being in the same house with a mom that was so freaking crazy!

"She'll be happy that I'm gone anyways,"Katie thought as she made her way quietly down the stairs, and to the front door.

There she placed her suitcase and then padded to Lois's work office, where she got a pen and some paper and began to write.

Dear Mom,

I am leaving home and going to live with Rexie and Kairi... I now see that dissowning my little sister was a huge

mistake and I must fix that... But I can't stay here no not anymore! You're stupid, and I can't this bullshit from

you and dad anymore! So I am saying goodbye to you! I don't want to hear from you, nor do I want to see you at all,

so goodbye you son of a b***h. ~Katie.

After finishing up the letter, Kate walked into the living room with the paper in her mouth and quickly put it down on the coffee table that now stood in front of a sleeping Lois.

Kate sighed and shook her head as she made her way for the front door... And now this was it! The start of new life for the Fox as she headed for Lake Vill.

-Two Hours Later-

Finally after reaching the town she'd been walking ages for to get to, Katie padded through the streets and soon enough came across Rexie and Kairi's house.

"I sure hope they'll let me stay here,"Kate thought as she put her suitcase down and knocked on the door.

"Kairi! Someone's at the door and it's midnight!"Rexie barked as she and her master carefully made their way downstairs.

"I'm sure whoever it is they're not dangerous,"Kairi replied back quietly as they reached the front door.

After that the redhead opened the door to see Katie standing right outside.

"Katie... What are you doing here?"Rexie asked in shock as she saw her not only her sister, but her sister's suitcase right outside in the deep of the night.

"It's a long... Long story... But I need a place to stay can I live with you two?"The other Fox responded.

"Of course dear! Come right on in!"Kairi said as she grabbed Kate's suitcase to help the hurt looking young adult Fox.

"Thanks,"Katie replied smiling a little as she entered the house and closed the door behind her.

"So what brings you here?"Kairi asked as she put Katie's suitcase down.

"Well it was a fight... I got into it with my mother over something that she did, which was not smart of her at all,"Katie explained as she looked at the floor.

"What do you mean mom did something that wasn't smart?"Rexie questioned.

"Well... She told me tonight that she was over at dad's house a few weeks back... And that he had raped her so she might be carrying another pup,"The older Fox said weakly.


"I know! Which is why I left I couldn't take mom anymore... She's stupid as hell,"Kate mumbled.

"Also I'd like to say sorry for the way I acted... When I found out you were pregnant, Rexie. I should not of disowned you as a sister I'm so sorry,"Katie apologized.

"Hey it's alright... I'm just glad to finally have my sister back!"Rexie cheered as she pulled Katie into a tight hug.

Katie smiled as she hugged back happy that her little sis had accepted her apology.

"Now then you can share Rexie's room for now, but we'll get you your own room in time,"Kairi added.

"You don't have to get me a room! Rexie and I can share,"Katie protested.

"Now now! I insist and besides there are some nights when your sister, wants to be alone so... It'll be best!"The redhead replied.

"Oh Okay then,"Katie responded giving in.

"Good now is there anything I can get you?"The human girl asked.

"A nice meal maybe?"The older female fox asked.

"Of Course!"Kairi said with a smile on her face as Rexie began to speak.

"Hey you two I'm really tired can I go back to back?"The nine tailed Fox questioned.

"Yeah we'll see ya in the morning,"Kairi said gently.

"Kay! Goodnight Kairi! Night night Katie!"Rexie called out as she padded up the stairs.

-Ten Minutes Later-

"So, Katie... are you okay?"Kairi wondered as she put a plate of home cooked chicken infront of the Fox.

"I guess so..."Katie sighed as she looked down at her food.

Kairi frowned as she sat down next to her friend at the kitchen table.

"You know I used to go through rough family issues like you're dealing with, but what I've learned from them is you

can either be mature about them and do the right things, or act stupid and then you just make it worse..."Kairi explained.

"And I've acted stupid haven't I?!"Katie groaned.

"Well... No not really you see sweetie... I understand why you're so uspet with your mom, but that doesn't mean you

have to let this control the rest of your life... Get out there try new things! Become something amazing!"Kairi responded.

"Well I want to go to school, but I don't have the money!"Katie barked.

"I can give you some money to go to school! We have a real nice college here in town that I go to! You'd love it

and I'll help you every step of the way!"The redhead smirked.

"REALLY!?" YOU'LL HELP ME!?"Katie yelled in pure shock and happiness.

"Yes I will!"Kairi giggled to Kate's funny response.

"Awesome! Thanks so much!"Katie howled as she hugged her friend.

"No problem,"Kairi said as she hugged Katie back happy that she could help.

-The Next Day-

Rexie woke up to the feeling of being held and turned her head to see Katie laying beside her.

The younger Fox smiled and snuggled into her big sister. They hadn't snuggled in years and it felt nice to both Foxes to finally be doing it again.

Then Katie let out a yawn and opened her eyes as she awoke. The Older Fox smiled at Rexie who was snuggling into her.

"Morning sis,"Kate greeted happily.

"Morning,"Rexie greeted back as she smiled at her sister.

"Let's go downstairs for some breakfast!"The older sibling suggested.

"Okay,"The Amber-Eyed Fox responded as Katie unwrapped her arms from her and jumped off the bed.

The younger Fox quickly jumped off the bed as well and followed her sister out of the bedroom.

When the two sisters entered the kitchen Kairi smiled at them from the stove, where she was cooking breakfast.

"Morning my awesome master!"Rexie purred as she and Katie took a seat at the table.

"Morning my little Foxie!"Kairi replied back. "And good morning to you too, Katie!"Kairi added.

"Good morning!"Katie responded.

"Okay... Um what's going on? Kate you seem so happy! And last night you were all sad!"Rexie pointed out.

"Well Kairi's giving me money to go to school!"Katie cheered.

"Oh my god! Kairi you're so awesome! That nickname I came up with for you was spot on!"The orange and white furred Fox roared with joy.

"Yes yes! I agree,"The redhead laughed as she finished up making the morning meal, and then began to put the food which was pancakes onto three plates.

Then the group ate their food, laughed, and talked as they carried on from the issue that had occurred with Lois.

-Back In Cinder Valley-
The adult Fox had read the letter that Katie had wrote for her... And after putting the paper back down on the Coffee table she smiled.

"I don't need Katie anyways! All I need is Mike!"Lois said to herself with a grin on her face.

No more getting told what to do... No more getting yelled at... No more getting beaten up!

Lois was now very happy realizing that she was free and walked over to the kitchen.

There on the table sat her cell phone which she picked up... And called her ex husband.

After hearing his phone ring Mike answered it and while he was shocked by the news... Of what had occurred with Kate as Lois explained it all he was happy too.

The pair decided to begin dating again and Mike promised to help his love out if she was pregnant.

-Back In Late Vill-

Rexie was at school with Trixie, Hunnie, Snow, and Wind it was lunch time so they were chatting up a storm, as they ate their food.

"So Kate's really living here now?"Hunnie said full of surprise.

"Yeah,"Rexie replied. She had just gotten done telling her friends about Kate and Lois's fight... And how it led to Kate coming to live with her and Kairi.

"Well that's quite a story,"Wind added as Snow and Trixie nodded in agreement.

"That it is,"Rexie responded knowing that it was true... It really was quite a story.

"So what's your sister gonna do now?"Trixie asked.

"She's going to go to school soon! Kairi is helping her out,"Rexie replied.

"That's great!"Snow, Wind, Hunnie, and Trixie responded in unison.

"I know!"Rexie cheered as she grinned from ear to ear, as she turned her head to face Trixie.

"How's about after school we run some laps and do some push ups?!"Rexie barked knowing that her friend who was

still very fat, needed a lot of help with her weight problem.

"Sure!"Trixie replied happy to have a great friend like Rexie to help her out.

The fat Fox had never told anyone, but she was indeed gay and was beginning to have very strong feelings for Rexie.

"I wonder if she feels the same way about me,"The Poor Fat Fox thought as the lunch bell rang.

With that the group threw away their food and went to their next classes to finish another busy school day.

-After School-
"Come on, Trixie! Just two more!"Rexie cheered.

The fat Fox groaned as she forced herself to try and do two more push ups, but however she couldn't handle it... And fell face first onto the ground.

"You okay?"The nine tailed Fox asked as her friend struggled to get up.

"I-I..."Trixie couldn't finish her sentence however when she fell back down after trying to get up.

"Here let me help you,"Rexie added as she came over to Trxie's side, and pushed her back up on her paws.

"Thanks..."Trixie said in a nervous tone.

"Oh don't worry! You'll be much better soon! And no problem! I'll always help ya,"Rexie responded.

With that the gay Fox sighed, but smiled happy that Rexie would help her in anytime of need.

"You're so caring and awesome! Thanks, Rexie!"Trixie purred.

"No problem happy to help!"Rexie barked as she grinned.

Trixie grinned back at her secret crush as she felt... As if she was going to pass out.

-Later that Day-

After getting home Trixie's dad was being a b***h as always... "YOU FAT MOTHER ********! COME HERE YOU USELESS PIECE OF s**t!" Trixie's dad yelled he grabbed his daughter and began to hit, kick, punch, and bite her.

Trixie's eyed watered as she yelled loudly from the pain: "STOP, STOP PLEASE!"

But her dad didn't stop... He kept on abusing his daughter until he felt that it was enough for the moment.

Then after that the male Fox let his daughter go who ran upstairs to her room sobbing heavily.

"He's right! I am Fat so fat! I must do something to show him! That I am not useless and fat!But I'll show him I'll

use weight on my own from now and do something amazing!"The poor fat Fox cried out in her mind.

And right at the moment... Trixie got an idea! She knew exactly what she was going to do.

-The Next Day-

Rexie, Snow, Hunnie, Wind, and Trixie were all walking through the hallways, in school together when two male Foxes came up to them.

The taller older was looking one was Black and Orange with Green, while the shorter younger looking one also had Amber eyes with but his fur was all Black, both also shared the same kind of tail. Long and straight.

"Hello there Rexie! We've always wanted to meet you!"The older one said in a cheer as he hugged the Nine tailed.

"Oh... You've seen and heard of me since the time when the elements of weather were chosen , right?"Rexie asked knowing that's what it must of been.

"Yes! Rexie we were there, but we didn't have the time to come say hi to you ... Darling, we're your brothers,"The shorter male Fox managed to choke out.

"WHAT! HOW!"Rexie, Trixie, Snow, Wind, and Hunnie replied in a yell of unison.

"You see before you were born... Lois and Mike our parents had us when they were still in High School... Well not knowing now to take care of us put both of us up for adoption and we found a home, and another family and were

raised together in RoseFlower the town on the very edge of StartLight and my name is Leo and this is Weezy,"The

Tall Male Fox explained as he pointed to his brother.

"I-... I can't even believe this! Two brothers!"Rexie said in amazement.

"Yes two brothers indeed! Also we've heard of your older sister Katie can we meet her?"Leo responded.

"Of course! She lives with me and my master! I'll take you right after school,"Rexie replied happily.

"Wow sis... You took this much better than I thought you would!"Weezy pointed out.

"Well I must admit I'm shocked, because mom and dad has never spoken of you two, but I'm so happy to have brothers now!"Rexie barked.

"Sounds good!"Leo said as Weezy nodded in agreement.

"Hey may I ask how did you two know where I'd be at this hour?"Rexie questioned.

"Oh! We saw the story in the paper about the four students, from Lake Vill High save our kingdom and it listed the

names of everyone of you too!"Weezy answered.

"Ah well then we're gonna be getting on to our classes meet us here at three?"Rexie suggested.

"That we will! Have a great rest of the day sister!"Leo chimed in as he and Weezy began to walk away from the group.

As the rest of the school day passed... Rexie could not focus on her school work, how could her parents leave their own two sons alone to grow up and never tell her or Katie about them?

This is when Rexie began to have mixed emotions about the whole brother thing... While she was happy to have more family... She was depressed that her parents had never told her or Katie that they had brothers, but then the nine tailed shook off the sad feelings and

promised herself to try her hardest to stay happy... At least in front of Leo and Weezy.

-After School-
Sure enough Leo and Weezy were at the high school when classes ended, and then Snow, Hunnie, Trixie, and Wind went home at Rexie walked with her two older male siblings.

"So how do you two like Lake Vill?"Rexie wondered as she looked at Weezy and Leo.

"It's really wonderful! We'd love to move here,"Weezy howled as Leo smiled.

"Well that's great! We can help you two find a house!"Rexie purred.

"Really?!"Leo and Weezy responded together.

"Of course!"Rexie replied with a smile.

"Well thank you very much,"Weezy replied.

"You are very welcome,"Rexie smirked as Leo and Weezy both grinned.

-Later At Rexie's Home-
When Leo and Weezy both explained their story Katie was very shocked, began to have mixed Emotions like Rexie was.

Then after they were done talking Leo and Weezy left as it was getting late, and headed back home to RoseFlower but

planned to be back in about a week to look at houses.

And as soon as they left and the sisters were alone with Kairi... Both Katie and Rexie began to sob.

-Four Days Later-
It was lunch time at school and everyone had gotten their food. Snow, Rexie, Wind, and Hunnie were all chatting

while Trixie was eating slowly before saying: "I have to go to the bathroom,"

That was the fourth time in four straight days that she had said that... And so the fat Fox headed to her locker

where her homemade lunch was, then she went into the girl's bathroom happy to find no one where and began to chew

her food way to fast, and ate way to much... and then made herself throw up in the trash can.

"This is an awesome way to lose weight,"Trixie thought as she smiled happily.

-Back In Cinder Valley-
Lois and Mike were spending the day together and the pair was happy to find out that they'd be getting another child.

Yes Lois was indeed pregnant and then as Mike and Lois were walking down the streets together talking, the male Fox

stopped in his tracks and looked at his ex ready to ask the long awaited question: "Lois... Will You Marry Me Again?"

---End Of Book Three---