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Just a journal.
Just a place to keep little things I like.
These are all the awesome people who have donated to Pocketful of Wishes.

125K from QuietlySleeping

Aquarium Teru Bozu from x-iiSabina

1070000 gold and cool items from I EAT Y O U R FLESH

Complete 2k7 Halloween bag set, Sept. 2007 letter and deluxe Cat Ears from Dove-chan

Michael's Memory and Ribbon Luv Sleeves Black from Ringmaster Monsieur Loyal
Regalia of the Flame Tongue from The Dusky Falcon

Thank You Letter for January 2011 from Xion Oshii

100K from Charity Mule-Aalyve Wyyre

Toadstool from The_Ginatron

238K and Heartless One, Valhalla's Obsidian Armor, 2 Demonic Armor, Samurai Yoroi, Shadow Spirit, Card Shark Bands, Checkmate Void, Gogh Reed 14th Gen, Necronomicon, SDPlus #268 Amartia, 201 Ethermane Hellfish from Mecuniv

300K from lock the cashbox

247500 gold from x_Stranger in the Night_x for TGSNE

2 Jolly Slippers, 4 Gift of the Goddess, Jingle Me Hat, Devilish Headphones, Devilish Messenger Bag, Pinot Noiress, Penman's Steel, Orange Ribboned Black Cat Hooded Jumper from The Profiteers

2 TYL for Feb 08, 2 TYL for May 08, 1 TYL for Oct 08, 2 TYL for Dec 08, 1 TYL for March 10, 2 TYL for Nov 10 and 125K from an Anonymous Benefactor

2011 GaiaCon Tote, Single Purple daisy Bouquet, Fabulous White Diamond Pumps, Macy's ANGIE Sleeveless Dress, Fabulous Black Venom Pumps, Purple Woven One Piece Swimsuit, Warm Starter Rocker Girl Flats, Don't ask Don't tell Gray Shirt, Big Magenta Bow, White Fashionable Dotted Head Scarf, Black Fashionable Dotted Head Scarf, HIPster Blue Tint Shades from xPanda99x

100K gold from DinoRarr

Bone Dragon Helm, Elegant Veil, Friendship Pendant, G-Shades Blue, Gaia-Con Registration Goodies, Nitemare Parasol, Antique Nickel Opera Glasses, Electric Gun-Tar, Long Stem Blue Rose, Vinyl Collector, Secret Sparkles, Tourmaline Grand Drapes from anonymous

5250000 gold from UTOPlAN

20000 gold from Venombabe

Sainte Ciel Agape 2nd Gen, Tormorgenne Maid, Black Sequin Bikini Top, Celebration Ribbons, Poltergeist Priest Talisman, Hollywood Vixen, Nitemare Collar, Mana Seed, The Magician, Jack Frost, Majoko Mariko, Blue Force A Nature and 50000 gold from Murkier

Full Spirited 2K10 set, Holly Pin, Holly Hairpiece, and Spirited 2k7 Jeans and Scarf from Bianca Wolf

Aquarium Toilet and 1000 gold from call_me_vampire2009

500 gold from astrenose

Neutral Starter Rocker Girl Top, Pink Wool Top, Purple Wool Top, Red Wool Top, Spirited 2k10 Snowflake Scarf, Spirited 2k10 Snowflake Stockings, Spirited 2K8 Candycane Dress, Spirited 2K9 Captain's Boots, Spirited 2K9 Captain's Cap, Blue Pajama Slippers, Blue Tank Top, Spirited 2K8 Peppermint Cap from Idealist Philosopher

589772 gold from Mephistorial

White Street Pants, The 4th Amigo Lucki Pants, Cyber Wig (Black and Red), Burn Puft Jacket, Frostee Treets Rainbow Ice, Electric Plug Tail, Checkered Duet Jacket, I Herd U Liek Diedrichs, Peppermint Candy Slippers, Beat Gear, Astra-VI Jelly Bubblepop, The Public Zoo's Hickup and 1,000,000 gold from I Am ferret

March 2012 Donation Letter and 100,000 gold from Mishi Love in Memory of AB91

Love Charm III Bundle from Princess-Orphelia in Memory of AB91

100,000 gold from Evil Asparagus

Thank You Letter for December 2006, Enchanted Wooden Trunk, Blue Magical Giftbox, Bag of Win 2, Nightmare Box, Epic Fail Hat, YHBT Hat, Pot o' Skittles, 4x Pyrite Helm and 12,315 gold from Shmooze

2 Unseen Wizzard, Red Wing, Wizard School, The Animator, Fall Groom, Ghoul's Acre, The Widow, Knight's Night, Kottan Bell Reunion, Freki the Red Wolf and 200K from Taku Emiya

Purky, Grace of Aphrodite, Sushi Master, Sharp Fish Teeth, Pink Tiger Pants, The Moon (Mewn Mew!), Pink Link box, flowers, inks, bugs and 15114 gold from xkassidy

125K gold from Hildurness

Dragon of Roses, Tragic Melody, Selection Fairy, MSXXX-01W Gunguy, Mint Royale, Violet Impact, Raven Noir, Style Munitions, Dirge of the Deep, Fire Salamander, The Speakeasy, and Snake Eyes from notmuch_23

100K from Charishmahala

20 Tickets, Brown Ink, 15 Barley Wine, 15 Sea Foam, 4 Grade D Fish Bait, Turkey Dinner, Recipe: Fresh Grass Hat and 105 gold from Teratophiliac

Regalia of Ancient, Rich Camp Leather, Lidless Demon Armor, Mall Cop Mustache, Scar of Hero, Angelic Mood Bubble, Durem Water Festival, Oversized Carrot, V-Day 2k11 Diedrich Balloon, Macy's Material Blazer, Prisoner's Ball and Chain, Jack's 2k7 Pumpkin Earrings and 15000 gold from brosta

Pink Cowboy Bandanna from ~Fluttershy

100000 gold from Tyni_Pengwyn

20000 gold from Dumb Fvckeroo

8000 gold from AiiHoshi

130000 gold from shesempty13

4000 gold from Literatic

Yellow Ink, Aquarium Background(reve rouille) and 199 gold from DJchipis

40000 gold from stonyocalypse

100000 gold from shamantra

100000 gold from gummie_sourball

1850 gold from Fancy Giraffes

10000 gold from Masiakasaurus

5000 gold from Crystalized Cherri

35000 gold from Tamako Jen

50000 gold from Yasmen42

10000 gold from Ramiele

10000 gold from lilgemangel

Rosewater and 20000 gold from Mrs_Demise

20000 gold from Ayame Shazuko

20000 gold from JupiterGirl125

Fuzzy Penguin Slippers, AFK Scarf, Plumeria Headpiece, Kong Sang Scarf, Cherry Blossom, and Monthly Collectible Letter for September 2012 from TheGooseWhisperer

43042 gold from FollowingInTheWolvesSteps

5000 gold from tiny hooves

Malice Punk, Sultry Sorcerous, SDPLUS #187 Jenny, Sunset Spirit, Ghastly Triplet, and Madoka Magica: Homura Akemi from ghcst

100000 gold from [S]ilver[R]ose

Laurels, Spirited 2k8 Santa Hat, Aquarium Hermit Cat, Michael's Memory, V-Day 2k9 Heart Lolipop, Sacred Key, Orange Ink, Steaming Mug of Cocoa, Spikey Balloon, Titan's Legacy Seed, Strawberry Shortcake Hat, and Nike Sparq Shirt from alpacka bowl

25000 gold from Juliette Reynolds

150000 gold from xdeathxbyxlovex

Leporine Warrior, Sweet Strudel. Charming the Piglet, White Heavenly Unmentionables, Black Heavenly Unmentionables, Catastrophe x2, Custom Cut 2nd Gen, The Case of Pietro, Silver Sable Coat, Reapter Horns, Winged Altum, Winter Groom, Checkered Nightmare, Checkered Remorse, 2k11 Werewolf Skin x3, 10th Anniversary Mini Angelic Halo and Winglets, 10th Anniversary Mini Nightmare Halo and Winglets, Marroned Wench, Astra-65: 10th Anniversary Unending Lament, Astra-115: Xmas 2k13 Filigree Flurry, Astra-114: Xmas 2k13 Shiny Nose, and 500,000 gold from Agent Verona.

1000000 gold from sugarsweet1995

7500000 gold from A Random Fairy

8000000 gold from Teefie

50000000 gold from Diabolical Indulgence

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