sora wonk
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i spent the past 25 minutes reading through my journal entries

and i've realized if i were a woman, i'd be getting taylor swift-esque hate

cuz apparently all i ever talk about are the people who are hitting on me? and apparently i can't seem to live without a lover? aren't i a disgusting whore?


one vice ok.

ok many vices. bleh.

what do you do with the humanity?

also [JK] is leaving gaia...huhh. so i googled, "is gaiaonline on the decline" (not grammatical shut up) cuz it seems that way. like the forums are slow, especially the psych forum i used to like a lot and it just seems like none of my friends are ever on anymore...

and apparently people have been wondering if gaia's going down since like 2011.

i don't know what conclusions can be drawn from this.

i like this site. i like being a little anime character. what gaia needs is a new mmo--some kind of epic quest to get people into it again.

like we all beat zOMG. it's time to scrap it and make a WoW version of it.

i just dk if they have the funds or the inclination tbh.