Opening their eyes after a long slumber in the darkest parts of the realm. Dust, charred charred, dead bodies, bones, soot residing around them as they shake free of the shackles and chains that have been cast over them for so long. The memories of a world where they used to roam free and protect still visible in their mind as the last thing they saw. The images of the current land, barren and dead, flooding the mind as they open their mouths that have been closed for so long. A load roar slowly but surely making its way out the dragons body, rushing out like a bullet and soaring across the land. Each of them hitting against each other in order to break off the remaining shackles that were put on them before launching into the air and stretching their body. The feeling of flight that they had longed for so long for. Each of their eyes surveying the landscape as the soar through the air, sadness slowly fill them. They realize that they have been gone for such a long time, and that their is much work to do, and they waste no time as they begin their work. As they go around and return life to the barren wasteland that was once a flourishing beauty. The dragons of Nankur, Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. Finally awaken after so long, by someone who has called out to them from the other side and shook them awake.

The land has been dry for so long.
Luchian Kurai