Chapter 2: Strong Feelings

Phil poured himself another cup of coffee, and then added his favorite Irish cream-flavored milk to the cup. As he stirred, he thought about the tunnel. He had not expected to see Kasey in the tunnel that day. She looked so innocent and sweet. He knew that Kasey looked for eagles all the time because of her parents' work in the nature conservancy, but he had not expected to see her at the river. In fact, he had taken that walk to get his mind off of Kasey; something he was having a hard time doing these days. He thought of her every moment of every day; and his second period Math and Science class was his favorite because she was in it.

Every day he thought about that girl; her smooth red hair, those gorgeous green eyes, and a smile that could light up a room. Her innocence made her even more inviting, because it was a part of who she was and it was part of what made her so special. Yet, her innocence drove him mad because as much as he loved her innocence, he didn't want to ruin it. Taking it from her would be like robbing the cradle. Oh, sure, she was almost eighteen and he was going on 24, but still; those 5 plus years seemed like an eternity. And that is what made her so forbidden; and sweet.

Forbidden and sweet; it was why he adored her so much. She had that little-girl innocence that he liked so much, yet he couldn't help the direction his thoughts took at night when he was alone in his bedroom.

Oh how he wished he could control himself; even though she was almost eighteen and of legal age, she was still jail bait. Pursuing a relationship with her could cause him to lose his teaching license and his job; and it was a risk he wasn't willing to take.

Yet on the other hand, holding her when they stood at the end of the tunnel felt so right; like it was meant to be. She had felt so young, innocent and fragile in his arms; he definitely didn't want to let go, that's for sure. They never had the opportunity to be alone, and the rarity of them spending a moment together was one in a million.

But he still knew he had to tread carefully. Her parents not only protected eagles in Cumberland Valley, her father was also the Mayor and could see to it that he was severely punished if he as so much looked at his daughter the wrong way.

Phil sighed. He loved Kasey, but he continuously had to remind himself that she was too young, and too dangerous to mess with. But whenever Phil was alone with his thoughts, like he was in his kitchen drinking his coffee, he thought back to the moment he began to fall for Kasey McGoverns.

The class had been working on a project in Lab, and Kasey's group was having trouble with the microscopes. Phil walked over and stood next to Kasey and tried to see if he cold help them out. He and Kasey brushed up against each other, and they looked at each other briefly and smiled. There was something about that smile that made his heart dance; and he couldn't wait to see that smile again.

Over the next week or so, Kasey raised her hand more often in class, and she also smiled at him more as well. He began to think about her, and wait for her to smile at him again. Before he knew it, he was head over heels for her.

No matter how badly he tried to shake the feelings, he knew he could not. They had become like glue, and this glue had spilled all over his heart, his mind, and his emotions. The glue was a permanent seal, and the seal contained very rich and raw feelings for Kasey McGoverns.

Phil considered calling his Dad in Nebraska and asking his opinion, but Phil opted to keep the feelings to himself. He knew his father would go off the deep end to help his son, and that would include a one-way ticket to Omaha if that's what it took. So Phil suffered in silence, and the more he kept silent, the more the feelings grew.

Phil also suspected that Kasey felt feelings for him as well, but he couldn't prove it. She seemed to have a very shy spirit, and only spoke to one boy in the entire school, and that was Trystan Michaels. It was almost as if they were brother and sister, however; there were no emotions or affection between them at all. And from what Phil could tell, Kasey never had boyfriends. It wasn't that she wasn't attractive, however; she was just very shy and reserved.

Phil drank the last sip of his coffee, put his mug in the sink, and went to go into his living room to watch TV. The Red Sox were playing, and he was hoping for a good outcome this time.

The game helped distract him from his feelings for Kasey for a few hours; that is, until it was time for bed. Then the emotions and sensuous thoughts began to fill his mind once again.

Phil and Kasey were in the tunnel once again, but this time they had planned on meeting each other there. Kasey was wearing a very silky dress with her old leather coat over the top. Her curly, auburn hair was pulled back in a very sexy updo, and her smile was enticing him like never before.

Phil approached Kasey and stretched his arms out to her, his eyes dancing with excitement as he pulled her body close to his. He let his hands drop to her waist and then to her hips as he leaned over to kiss her. Kasey closed her eyes and tilted her head up, as she rested her hands on his abdomen. She let her hands slide down to the end of his shirt, where she lifted it up so she could feel his skin.

When his lips met hers, his entire body became a live wire. He wanted her; and he wanted her like never before. He slid the jacket from her shoulders, and leaned over farther so he could kiss her neck. He slid his hand underneath one of the straps of her dress, and slid it down, off her shoulders. He did the same with the other strap, and watched as the silky dress slid to the floor.

Kasey gasped as the cool breeze touched the delicate points of her skin, and Phil reached down to pick her up and hold her naked body in his arms.
Once he was about to swoop her into his arms, Phil woke up in a cold sweat.