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Yuki, Jace, & Demon's Adventures
the Adventures of Me & my friends :D
08: Jealousy
Chapter 08
Snows POV

I sat up slowly "ughh....I hate mornings..." I mumbled groggily. I looked around as the sun shone down through my window, hurting my eyes slightly. I shielded my eyes and realized wait...I'm in my room...how did I get here? I remember falling asleep outside. I stand up and realize I'm still in my clothes from last night. "I need a shower..." I said aloud to no one in particular. I gather up my clothes and checked myself in a mirror, before picking a piece of grass out of my disheveled hair. I walked outside to the living room so I could get to the bath room and froze. Who is that?? I thought silently as I spotted a girl on the couch, her tall frame stretched out across the couch, her hair seeming to fall into perfect place. Ill find out after I clean up.. I thought as I hopped into to the bathroom.
As I stepped out of the shower, finally having dislodged all the grass from my hair, I dried off with a towel, using a small spell to dry my hair. I got dressed in some blue jeans and a T-shirt, throwing my hair into its normal ponytail. as I walked out of the bathroom, I walked into that chick from the couch. "Oof!" I said as we rammed into each other. I looked up, she was around Jace's height. "Umm...hello.." I said softly. She replied with an eye roll. "Watch where you're going." She stated and stepped around me. I scooted away, relatively ruffled as I walked outside and spread my wings to stretch them, enjoying the surly morning air as I drew my wings up against my back once more.
I stood outside for a while before walking back inside to find that girl standing there, her arm linked with a half asleep Jace. She was smiling cutely and chatting away with an unresponsive Jace. "Ahem.." I cleared my throat and she instantly looked up at me, a cold look in her eye. "Hi..Im Snow." I introduced myself. At that moment Demon walked in "Why hello, Amber." He greeted in his normal could-care-less tone. I sighed and plopped down on the couch, and Jace walked over, getting Amber off his arm. He sat by me on the couch "Morning Snow." He told me softly. "Morning Jace." I replied with a smile. "Did you sleep well? You fell asleep on the ground outside last night." He said with a smirk. Amber then plopped down on the other side of Jace "Soooo Jace, How've you been?" Amber said with a flirtacious flip of her light brown hair. I sighed and sat back against the arm of the couch as Jace looked over towards her. I felt quite insignificant compared to her for some reason. I sighed and tucked my knees up to my chest. Jace looked over at me for a moment as I sat there quietly. Amber looked over at me, a slight glare in her eyes as she then continued trying to pull Jace's attention to her. "It's been awhile hasn't it?" amber asked. Jace nodded and sighed, as Amber chatted away flirtatiously. I finally looked up "Hey, Amber, Shut up. It's too early for you right now." I snapped, finally annoyed with her excessive chattering. Jace let out a short laugh as Amber proceeded to give me a glare and if looks could kill, I'd've dropped dead. I just raised an eyebrow at her and settled back up against the couch, smirking as Jace leaned against my legs. Amber rolled her eyes and stood up, walking away. I giggled slightly as Jace looked over at me and whispered "Thank you.." I grinned and nodded, leaning over and kissing his cheek. The corner of his mouth turned up into a small half smile as Demon walked over "It seems little miss princess has a snappy side huh?" He commented. "For one, I'm not princess, and two, I don't like chicks hanging all over Jace, never have." I told Demon. Demon looked in the direction Amber went. "You dont remember her do you Snow?" demon asked. I just stared at him with a blank look. "She's from your town." "She is?" I asked. Demon nodded. "She wasn't in town at the time of the attack." He told her. I simply stared at him until Jace nudged me and leaned over "It's ok Snow. " he murmured into my ear. I shook my head "Well, every girl in that town was head over heels for you Jace. All of them, but the only girl you ever spent time around was me, since we were Soul Matched." I told him. "I do remember one though, Amber. I remember her now. She hung on to you constantly..." I said softly. "And disliked me quite a lot."
Later that day, Amber was back at it. Ever time I turned around, she was softly touching his arm or hanging on to him in some way and every time I caught myself wishing I could walk up to him and just pull him away to make her jealous, but I couldn't. I couldn't fall into her level, as much as I wanted to. it was obvious, the way she was saying her hips as she walked and letting her touches linger she was trying to seduce him, and every second of it irked me. I tried to ignore it, but it proved extremely difficult for me. Back before the attack, most kept their distance because I was there, but now, it seemed that didn't matter anymore. That freaked me out to no end. Jace no longer remembers all the times we spent together, it made me feel as if there was a chance i might lose him. I sighed softly, and leaned up against the wall, looking away from Amber as she continued her flirtatious rampage.
I looked over to watch Jace sparring with Demon. Sparks flew off their swords again and again as they clashed. My gaze focused on each movement Jace made, each attack and block. Jace seemed to flow with Demon like water, matching him move for move. In what seemed like ages of intense blows, Demon knocked Jace back, and ended the spar. Jace got up stiffly, and looked over at me, giving a small smile before Mber jumped in the way, over worrying about him. I sighed, having had enough. I got up and walked over. "Amber, do you not remember back at Angel City?" I asked innocently. "Well, same thing applies here." I stated, my eyes turning cold, yet my voice maintaining the same sweet tone. I then smiled at her, and to my surprise she smirked. " Why don't we settle this now?" She growled. "alright, Fine." I retorted. Demons eyes glinted with mischief as he looked over at Jace and said with a smirk, "Cat fight."
I was facing Amber, and her me, our swords drawn. Her fiery green eyes met my icy blue ones as we held the preflight stare down. "If you're going to attack, do it." She snapped at me. I then stepped forward and ran the 6-7 steps towards her. I brought my blade up on the 3rd step and slammed it down on the 6th, continuing to bring my weight down with my sword as I stepped the 7th step. as I expected her to do, she brought her sword up and stopped the blow, attempting to shove me back, and I let her. That was my mistake. The next thing I knew, she jumped backwards and pulled out a long black bow that curved outward at the end. This caught me off guard as she strung the bow and fired. I was slow and the arrow grazed my leg, sending a shot of pain through me. I growled and then ducked, running forward. Two can play that game. I thought as I sent magic into my eyes to enhance my vision. I could hear my own heart pounding as I rushed forward, side stepping her next arrow. as I approached, I slashed again, this time I yelled "Flame Sweep!" As my sword collided with her bow, flames erupted from it, singing her bow, and her hands slightly. she slipped out a small hidden dagger from a thigh sheath, aiming for my ribs, aiming to kill. As I saw this just a second to late, I was unable to fully dodge it, and the dagger cut into my forearm, slicing enough to make me bleed. I wasn't wearing my normal fighting clothes. A simple white tee that hung loosely on my frame and jeans weren't the best things to fight in. My jeans restricted my movement while she was wearing thin flexible short shorts and a tight shirt that allowed her freedom of movement. It would be extremely hard to win this. "Earth Shock!" I yelled at her, as giant rocks came out from In between us, knocking her back and allowing me to get space. I'm going to have to play dirty if I don't want to die... I thought as I rapidly thought of ways to get her. Then I smirked. I could get her fast. I glanced over at Jace and saw he was staring at me. I dfroze for a split second then refocused. "Come on!!" Amber yelled "That all you have? A few little magic tricks?? You'll need more than that to beat me Snowflake." She snapped. "Careful Amber, You might get frostbite." I replied. I launched forward, yanking my staff off my back. she fired an arrow at me that split into three arrows, surprising me, but I simply smashed the one that would have hit me with a sweep of my staff. I wasn't going to waste anymore time in this girl. "Frost Flash." I murmured and a sheet of ice jumped up behind her. I continued to dodge the random spikes of rock in the ground from my Earth Shock as I ran towards her. Next I whispered "Ice Chains!!" And as the words minted, chains of ice appeared swirling around her. she broke one chain with a slam of her bow, causing it to drop to the ground and melt, however the other 3 surround her, strapping her arms to her sides, and her legs together as she sank to the ground, a able to move. I walked over to her then and knelt down. "He's mine." I whispered in her ear, unflinching as she glared angrily at me. "We will see." She spat at me. "We already have." I replied as I stood and walked away, allowing the ice to melt as I reached Jace. he just smirked as Demon was sitting there chuckling. "We'll, you did better than you did against me." Demon commented. I nodded and looked at Jace,"This is a warning. Don't think Im weak just because you're stronger." I told him softly, smiling as he seemed to laugh. I then pulled him downto me and gave the smallest peck on the lips, which seemed to surprise him. I mean come on, it's me. I just don't do things like that. And with that, I let him go, and walked into the house, leaving all of them except Demon, simply staring as I went to my room and crashed the rest of the day.

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