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Just my thoughts...
belongs in Fifty shades of grey
Getting home from work at a local farm.Lars was drenched in sweat and tired. All he wanted was to go home and take a shower. Pulling into the parkingspace next to Jenna's car. He unlocked the door and walked in. He threw his keys on the table and got some cloths from the dresser in the room. He went to the bathroom door and opened it. Jenna was just stepping out the shower. Lars stood there, dumbfounded as she stood before him. Her pale ivory skin, dripping wet with the water from the shower, Her bright red hair sticking to her chest and her back. An age old longing that has built and lay dormant for so long had risen from the pits of his heart. His throat was dry. He couldn't speak nor swallow. His face turned red as he turned his back toward her. He cleared his throat " S-sorry... I didn't know you were in here Jenna..." He said clearing his throat again. He looked out to the living room and felt two small, slender arms ago around his waist. Feeling the back of his shirt and pants get wet. He felt her bosoms push against his back as she hugged him from behind. He felt her pull him inside. He dropped the cloths in his hands and the door was closed behind him. Jenna had reached up and kissed him longingly. Lars slid his hands onto her waist and set her up onto the counter not breaking the kiss. Jenna started tugging at the shirt that clung to his torso.

Breaking the kiss for just a split second He muscled out of the shirt and was pulled back into the kiss while he kicked off his shoes. Jenna's arms were locked around his neck. He blushed as his skin met Jenna's. Her breast were pressed against his chest. He moved his hands to his belt and fumbled with it while taking it off and unbuttoning his pants and sliding them off. Not bothering to take the belt out. The water in the shower was still running. The steam filled the room and he slid off his boxers still in the grip of Jenna's kiss. He was wearing a flesh colored packer/strap-on.
( Most pre-op trans-men use them to make it look like they have a p***s and helps them urinate standing up and other multiple uses. )

Lars ran his hands down the small of Jenna's back. She wrapped her legs around his waist. He gripped her moist body tightly and walked to the shower not breaking the kiss and hopping in. He closed the curtain and pressed her up against the shower wall and kissed her neck as the mildly hot water hit the back of his neck and head. He nibbled her neck and she dug her fingers into his back as he moved his bites down to the middle of her breast. He smiled as he heard a slight gasp escape from her lips. She moved her hands the caress his face and look into his eyes with longing. Almost as if she was giving him permission or telling him she was ready. She sealed the gaze with a longing and passionate kiss.

Lars nodded and pressed her up against the wall harder to support her and slid the tip of the strap-on into her. Lars felt her tense up, once she relaxed he slid the rest of the way in. She gasped and tightened her legs around his waist as if wanting more. He wrapped his arms around her waist against and started to thrust his hips. Jenna blushed as he trusted and tilted her head back as Lars started sucking, biting, and pulling lightly at some skin on her neck leaving a light red hickey on her neck. A moan escaped from Jenna's parted lips as she dug her nails into Lars' back once more. She started to move her hips with his and her moans became louder. Lars backed up from the wall and supported her with both his arms wrapped around her. The water from the shower head came down onto the both of them soaking him and Jenna. Her body started to tense up as she moaned. She held in with all her might as long as she could till she started trembling with pleasure. She trembled violently and dug her nails into Lars; back as she let out a loud pleasurable moan as she finished. She panted softly out of breath and looked Lars in the eyes and smiled lightly with a blush.

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