Eating Toes All Day
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I'm tired. I'm sick of it. He doesn't care. I post a picture of myself, he doesn't like it. You know I really wish we had something again but at the same time I don't. I know you're probably over me by now but I just can't get over you. There's just something about you that makes me want you back. I can't feel happiness anymore. It just won't come out. I feel like you're the only thing that makes me smile. I can't stay on you forever cause I know you'll find someone 100x better then me.. someone who won't lie to you, who wouldn't be afraid of you, someone you can actually talk to, someone who deserves you..because I know I didn't. I didn't treat you right.. I pretty much hurt you because I was mad.. You were probably the best thing that ever happen to me.. You made me smile each day and you know the first day we kissed? Yeah I felt really happy. I couldn't stop smiling that day.. I felt like everything was better.. like you just covered up all my scars..but went on and made me bestfriend touch your d**k once we broke up. My friend asked you out, yeah.. but it doesn't mean you have to say yes. you knew I was like in love with you before that.. even through everything we've gone through I STILL LOVE YOU. But you don't care.. because you're going for anyone who's close to me.. and I can see it. You've hurt me so much already..just please.. don't..cause I can't take it anymore.. I can't..when I think of you, all I do is cry.. In school I put a smile on my face so you won't have to see me sad and feel bad. I fake that smile so people don't ask me if it's because of you. I know our relationship has been really complicated..and I know you asked me to be your ONE LAST TIME.. But please.. I just want you back.. I want YOU to love me, to walk me to class and my locker, you to kiss me and hug me when I'm sad. I REALLY miss you. I'm sorry. And you probably hate me..but whatever. I'm sorry. I can't take it anymore. If I see you today I'm probably not even gonna say anything. I'm not gonna smile or cheese. If you cheese, you cheese.. I'm not cheesing back. Sorry. I just can't do this anymore.. I have to stop. I've liked you for like 6 months.. So let me just fake not liking you. let me just forget everything..I'm sorry for wasting your time with my confusing bipolar self. I'm sorry.
Distance Disturbs Me - Set It Off
^^^Best song ever.