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Yuki, Jace, & Demon's Adventures
the Adventures of Me & my friends :D
06: Memory Lane
Chapter 06
Jace/Leo POV

I let out a sigh as I laid on my bed. I had made sure to keep her at a distance. If she made it into my life it meant change and I didn't want that. I had finally settled into the training life I had with Demon, and only Demon, but..I couldn't reject her out. That first day when she attacked Demon, Man...it surprised me how someone who looked like she had a cool head on her shoulders could be so stupid as to attack Demon like that. I don't even know how long she would've lasted in a fight with him. Not long is for sure. And for some reason, Demon knew I didn't want her dead. What is going on with me?... I thought as I rolled over on to my side Why was this girl...so interested in me? All those stories she's told me...Demon said they were true..which means I mean a lot to her..I don't want her hurt, however, I don't know her. And at this point I'm unsure. But it's whatever. Not like it really matters...she's just a girl. I thought this over as I closed my eyes and drifted into sleep.u
I woke up the next morning and sat up, half asleep. I stood and walked over to Snows room without thinking and peeked in. She was out cold. I felt a small smile slip onto my face and instantly frowned when i realized where I was. Why am I in here?? I thought before closing her door and jumping onto the couch. She looked so peaceful... What am I thinking??'I thought to myself. If this continued shed have me too distracted. I need to shut her out...but the thought of a hurt look on her face seemed to hurt me. I have officially gone insane..Demon can't hear of this..ill never live it down...I groaned inwardly and rubbed my face. Well...what happens happens.
I looked up as Demon walked in "Is your little white bird up yet?" Demon asked me. "Nope. Probably can't move." I said with a soft laugh at the thought. Demon nodded. "She's a..strange one at that. No sane person would've tried to fight me like she did. though her magic is strong, she used it weakly yesterday. she was quite mad though. It was hilarious pissing her off like that." Demon said with a smirk. Then I saw Snow walk out of her room, her hair slighty disheveled and her eyes having that sleepy look to them. I smirked "Nice look Snow." I commented, she simply shot me a Do-I-Look-Like-I-Care look and went to the bathroom. she walked out relatively quick for a girl and her hair was in a simple ponytail and she had on some normal clothes. "Mornin." She directed at me and plopped on the opposite end of the couch. "Dream of swords and dead things, Demon?" She asked sarcastically, which made me let out a soft laugh. "Yeah as usual." demon replied just as sarcastic. I had a feeling this would become a normal thing so I just smirked. she didn't seem like too much of a morning person. "So miss Princess, how sore are you?" emon said with a smirk on his face. "Im quite fine however, I'm no Princess" she told him. "Whatever...Princess." Demon said with a laugh. Snow growled softly and put her back to him, obviously annoyed. Demon laughed and when he did a small fireball jabbed him from behind, causing him to jump. This resulted in me bursting out in a fit of laughter at the fact that Snow had actually caught Demon off guard. I could tell she was amused by the satisfied smirk on her face as Demon rubbed the singed area, glaring at her. "Yeah, she can definitely stay." I stated. She seemed to smile as I said that. "Hey Snow, let me show you around the area." I said. I wanted to find out more about this girl. She seemed to live up to her first impression so far. She seemed innocent, yet fought back. It was a strange combination. she smiled slightly "Sure." She said softly. "Lets go." I told her, ignoring the cheeky smirk from Demon.
As I walked along beside her, she maintained easy conversation, It felt natural. I caught myself smiling every now and then and straightened my expression. I was pretty sure Demon would show up at any moment. Every now and then I'd have this random flashback of her from my past. I was pretty freaked out by all this. This girl really was involved deeply in my past, and I Knew it now. She was my closest friend back then and already knew a lot about me it seemed. But now, it seemed different. I didn't like the change. The bits of memories I have of the past made me feel at home by her. Maybe that bond Demon broke is still there. Just not whole.
I took her over to the coastal cliffs, and smiled as she scooted close to the edge, peeking over the drop as if scared of falling. I walked up behind her and grabbed her as if to throw her off and laughed as she tried to jump back, away from the edge, but instead rammed into me. She glared at me for a moment then her gaze softened. I loosened my hold on her and smirked "Gotcha." I stated. she shoved me lightly and put her back to me as I laughed softly. I looked down at her from behind before letting her go completely, frowning slightly. What am I doing... I thought for a moment. But as I looked at her I had another flashback.
I was flying through a small town, headed towards a destination I went to quite often. I spotted a window, and l landed outside of it. I used a bit of magic to flick the lock open and crack the window open enough to silently open it. I ducked into the window, and spotted Snow laying there asleep. I smiled and sat there a moment, watching her peaceful features as she slept. I shook myself out of it and laid a small scroll down on her bedside table, and then slipped out her window, leaving it open. I then flew down to a field and started practicing sword techniques.
I shook my head as it ended. I looked at her, the breeze blowing through her hair and her hair into her face. She tucked her hair behind her ear and I smiled. I remember her having a habit of tucking her hair behind her ear a lot when she was around me. How did I remember that? I thought. I brushed it off and kept watching her silently. It wasn't an awkward silence, she seemed to understand I was thinking, and left me to it.
After a while she turned around to look at me "Are you ok?" She asked me softly. I nodded and just stared off the edge of the cliff. I then looked at her "You can call me Jace now by the way...I remember some of my memories." I told her softly. She smiled and hugged me, catching me off guard, but I let her, not wanting to hurt her feelings. When she let go she did that hair tucking thing again and we started walking away from the cliff, I led her along the edge of the forest and we continued chatting lightly, swapping topics seamlessly as we walked. I pointed out little landmarks as we got further away from the house and she noted each one. Just how she walked along with me made me smile. I was drawn to her. As much as I denied it, up and down, I was. I'd never admit that though. She was still just a little bird. A little white innocent bird.

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