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My Stuff
I just write stuff that happens to me, or someone else, when I think it's important enough.
******** you.
Where do I start....
Ah, well, ******** you, America.
******** all your stupid bullshit, ******** your retarded hospitals and ******** you, Obama.
They supposedly created this amazing ******** program treatment thing that would "at the very least suppress the symptoms" of the infection I have that's probably gonna ******** kill me now and now it's not "avaliable for me"... wat?
You created this amazing ******** program, this treatment specifically for me... and it's not avaliable for me because someone else was on the list earlier.. wait wat!?
I can definitely see what would drive someone to blow up a few things in this country.
s**t, I feel like shooting up a hospital right about now. How do you go from "Dood, we got like this thing, it's like experimental but it might save you" to "Nope, this thing we made just for you has been taken by someone else that's not you LOL" HOW!?
A little nitpick here, the ******** nurse doing the bullshit, unneeded blood exam took ten minutes to ******** catch my vein. How stupid do you have to be to take that long pulling blood from someone like me!? I could poke my vein with a sewing need while squinting my eyes. I even offered to do it for her and she just went "I'm the nurse here, I know what I'm doing.." that was around minute 2... she took another 2 trying to get the needle in my arm and 4 wiggling it to get my vein.......
I have one word for you, America...
That's my rant. Now, seeing as I'm raging I'm probably gonna pass out soon and not wake up for a while as is custom since I'm ******** sick and possibly dying soon. YAY!
I'm not ******** happy...
If I don't pass out soon I might text someone.

Shiki the Forsaken Prince
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    Angel Without Her Halo
    Community Member

    Mon Apr 22, 2013 @ 04:39pm

    And my head hurts....
    So, they came up with this program for you,
    But someone else got it?
    Did they have the same illness as you or something?
    Because that's messed up..

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