Meyaira Firespring
Community Member
You know, have you ever noticed that it's always a lot harder to be good and do the right thing than it is to give into the temptation or be swayed to do the wrong things?

That's why we have to keep trying and fight!

The fact that it is so hard to be good and do right is proof that there's something and someone out there that's opposed and is trying to stop us, distract us, steer us in the wrong direction and tempt us off track.

So I'm never going to give up fighting and trying to be good and do good. I know it's worth it. I'm always praying that God will help me and others to fight the good fight and keep doing what's good. Because I certainly can't do it on my own.

Just things I think about. I don't want to be like many others and give up. And if you do slip and fall, get up and try again, because...'s never too late to stop trying and it's never too late to do something good.