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The Grymm

The Grymm are a race created long ago from discarded dolls. Children don't know it, but their toys have feelings, souls, hearts, just like them. They're always torn up and thrown out, and they've gotten tired of it. The vengeful spirits within the toys formed the race, taking in various ripped fabrics and parts in order to emulate humans. Though they come from something rather sad and violent, they've become more human over the years, other than being discarded by children who no longer love them, more are created through ... dropped limbs, heads, etc. Because there's nothing really to hold them together, they're able to throw anything on them around or at people, such as an arm or leg. Some of them are intelligent enough to manage them, such as the one called Antares who now uses them as a selective weapon.
But back to the topic of creation. When parts are dropped or left behind, part of the spirit remains. It searches for more toys just to form another body, and the process repeats. So remember kids, enjoy your toys and watch your fabrics.