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Yuki, Jace, & Demon's Adventures
the Adventures of Me & my friends :D
05: Bonding Time
Chapter 05
3rd person

Snow shifted on the balls of her feet uncomfortably as she looked around the inside of the cottage. The cottage was a little bigger thn It seemed at first glance. It was obvious she didn't like being in the same house as Demon, but she had to tolerate it till she got to know Jace..well, Leo, again. snow sighed softly and held her arm awkwardly, feeling as if she was being examined as she stood there, even though she figured she wasn't. Demon sighed "If you're going to stay here, there's something you need to know, Stay out of my bed. That's all." He said as he walked off, leaving Snow to fend for herself. She sighed and justnploppedvdown on the couchnbesidevJace. "J-Leo..." She said,catching herself. "what've you been up to the past 7 years??" She asked, obviously eager to know. "I've been training with Demon. He made me way stronger than I started." He told her. She simply nodded "Do I even look familiar to you?" She asked. Leo stared at her for a moment, examining her face. "You look like a girl I may have dreamed about before. There was a large battle and I think you were in it." Snow nodded softly "Thats likely a memory. That's when we were separated...." She murmured, looking at him. Jace/Leo looked at her skeptically. "How do I know you're not lying?" He asked, a slightly cold edge in his voice. Snow paused "Because..." She tried to speak, her eyes filled with desperation as she tried to put what she was tryi g to say into words. She sighed and took a deep breath. "Because..Jace...Leo...what ever your name is, you still mean the world to me, you were the person I spent dawn to dusk with training, talking, playing, studying with every day...I want you to remember..You have to..." She said it in a rush and then looked away as she awaited a response. Jace/Leo just stared at her "Were we really that close Snow?" He asked quietly after a moment. "why did you attack demon?" She hesitated. "Im sorry...but he's the one who...he killed everyone in the town. I thought he had killed you...but now I know he didn't..we used to have a bond, it meant we were A soul Match. Literally connected at the Soul." She stopped and pulled out the Sword from its place at her feet from where she had taken it off her hip. "This belonged to your Sword Master. The towns existence was to protect it and the Staff of Healing. We were to take these up after our teachers resigned. But demon killed them before they could and we could step up. Thats the basic reasons I attacked him. I wanted revenge..." She said as if she wasn't proud of it. He nodded "We'll, you're going to have to earn my trust now. He's all I've got. Which means you have to get along with him." She froze as he said this, not wishing to comply but it seemed she knew it was the only way. She sighed inwardly and nodded. "Ok.." She said quietly. Jace seemed to be amused slightly by the look on her face but stood. "we will continue this..getting to know each other stuff tomorrow. You can stay in the guest room." He told her as he picked up her stuff and then set it down in the guest room. "We will be training tomorrow too by the way." He added, "Night." He said as he walked out. Snow plopped down on the bed. "This is going to suck..." She murmured.
The next morning there was a knock on the door, she sat up sleepily and Jace popped his head in "Hey!! Up and at em!!" He shouted, a smirk on his face as Snow through a pillow at him, which he caught easily, the same smirk on his face. "Jace!! What are you doing in here? Get out! I'm in my night clothes!" Snow yelled back. Jace raised his hands above his head and threw the pillow back to her before walking out, obviously trying not to laugh. "We have training now. Get ready to go. It's gonna be hot." He added with a sly smile on his face. Snow got up and brushed her hair, throwing it up in a ponytail and then threw on some clothes that could get torn up and it wouldn't matter, she sighed. "Today is going to be hell..." She murmured as she grabbed her sword and staff, strapping them on and walking out. she saw Jace on the couch, chatting with Demon and waited for them to notice she was here. Jace stood, an amused look in his eyes as Demon stood as well. Femon smirked "You may not want to stay around after today, little miss Angel." He told her. He walked over and touched her shoulder and she yanked away rapidly, a memory flashing through her mind. "sorry....reaction..." She murmured, eyeing him cautiously. "Last time you touched my shoulder I dropped to the ground in pain." She stated. A strange look went across Jaces face as Snow said this but he shook it off. She sighed and let baseman placed his hand on her arm and then teleported them to an Arena. Snow looked around warily. "First, I want you to spar with the demon that walk out of this door." Demon told Snow as a demon walked out of a dark doorway. It eyed her coldly and then grinned. "If you let me, I'll kill you..little Angel." The demon said cockily. "Ok..." snow whispered in reply and drew her sword.mAs soon as she did so the demon appeared directly I. Front of her, shoving his sword towards her stomach. She stepped back as quickly as she possibly could, and slammed her sword in a sweep to knock his blade away.she countered with a continuation of the sweep and brought it down towards the demons neck, stopping so the point was at his neck. Demon smirked slightly and nodded to the demon who walked off. "Now that you're warmed up a little, lets go." He said stepping forward. "I'll hold back so I don't kill you. Something tells me Leo would be...disappointed to lose the little angel so quickly. Especially since she's the last from his town." He said with a sarcastic edge in his voice. He then slowly launched at her, allowing her to block a few strikes of his sword, and then to let her know he was better than her, he made sure to slightly slice her arm just deep enough to allow it to sting. She didn't let it phase her as she rained her strikes against him, unrelenting as he continue to block every one of them. She panted heavily as she continued to do so for the next 20 minutes, Demon continuing to maintain a nonchalant air about him. She growled with frustration and Demon laughed "So little bird has a temper hm?" He said taunting her to keep attacking. She launched, using the little weight she had behind the blow then yelled "Flaming Torrent!" A blast of fire filled wind flew out from around her, leaping at him out at him. He laughed, which made the anger Snow felt even greater, and then simply slashed, tutting the fire out. he stopped finally, breathing heavily for a moment the raised her sword, determined to fight till she collapsed. demon shook his head and looked over at Jace/Leo who was leaned against the wall, watching her carefully. Demon smirked, "I think that's enough for today Snow." He stated and laughed as Snows face went from Enraged to dead tired. "Your endurance is poor." He commented as he walked off. "Leo, get her back to the house. She can't handle too much." snow glared angrily, but didn't resist as Jace/Leo dragged her out of the Arena, and then flashed them to the house. She sank down onto the couch, closing her eyes, but then opened them to see Jace/Leo watching her. "Is everything ok?..." She asked him. He simply nodded his head then leaned down till he was a few inches from her face. "You did we'll today..for a little bird." He said with a smirk before leaning back. Snow simply stared at him, unsure of how to react. Jace was obviously amused by this and laughed. "Go get a shower and clean your feathers." He told her. now stood and shoved him lightly, smiling slightly as she went and gathered her clothes for a Shower.
As Snow was in the shower, Jace crashed on the couch as Demon walked in. "Leo, you can trust what she tells you. If she didn't intend on staying and earning your trust she wouldn't have kept fighting." demon told him. Leo nodded and looked towards the bathroom. "she's a tough little thing that's for sure. If what's she's told me is true, she's been through a lot too. With war and all. Did you really wipe out our home town Demon?" Jace asked. "yeah, I did." demon said with a shrug "Well then, thanks for telling me." Jace said sarcastically.

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