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Death's Journal<Avatar Profiles, Thoughts and Random Things
Current Avi as of 4/19/2013
character profile last edited: 4/24/2013
Full Name: Queen Lucretia Eudora Jezebel Imperia-Talon (In her Kingdom women must keep all last names they will ever have)
Age: unknown, but looks to be 19 physically (though she isn't)
Date of Birth: unknown
Height: 5'7''
Occupation: Queen
Traits: Formal (but not overly so (hates when people are formal to her)), (more traits TBD)
Vice: One vice she has is sex, and it has given her a shaky reputation, but since she is efficient at her job, this is ignored (that being said she won't just sleep with everyone or is pansexual)
Weapons: gun (it's bullets can kill anything, but the gun can only use specific bullets), sword (named Proserpina after the Kingdom she was raised in)

As a young girl Lucretia was one of the fairest and prettiest in all of her Kingdom, and famous for her red hair (which was the shade of blood). Her parents were pretentious nobles who made her pursue wealthy suitors at the young age of 10. She hated this and would sneak out of her parent's castle at night to meet with a man named Leander, who she considered to be her guardian angel, would teach her how to fight with a sword. However, unbeknownst to her all this sneaking around, and her life as she knew it would change in three short years.

A year before the storm, a vile king who came from the Kingdom of Prometheus (the Kingdom of Vampires) saw Lucretia sneaking out and decided that he would possess her at all cost and that she will love him, and this is the sole event that triggered the chaos. After a year the vile King Talon carried out his plans to kidnap 13 year old Lucretia while she is sleeping.

He keeps her locked in his tower, slow draining her of blood letting the process of her turning into a vampire take years (6 year to be exact). The whole time Lucretia has been in a comatose like state, but low and behold Leander comes and rescues her, and in the process killing King Talon. For that he is put on trial and hanged to death.

Distraught over the death of Leander (her first love) she also notices something is not quite right with her...like something additional went wrong during the process of turning into a vampire. She can be in the sunlight without burning, and strangely she can drink blood, but it is not enough to sustain her life. She must also eat food to stay alive, but she also has the immortality of a vampire. Something else weird has happened to her hair as well.....her hair color has turned grey, but the ends of her hair stay her natural red hair color. She strives to figure out what went wrong in the process of her turning.

She is the sole ruler of Prometheus, but she is forced to find a new king or she will be married to King Mordecai Lunar (king of the werewolves) as a peace negotiation.

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