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My Books (continued)
This is continued from the Journal on my old account. So I should be continuing "How To Bring Your Stories To Life"
Welcome To My Life Chapter 6
Chapter 6
A New Home
(A New Prison)

Once mom is finished with the paperwork, we all head out to the car. The ride there (my first time in a cab, wow two firsts in one trip), is filled with me staring into space, while mom and dad tell me how much I’m going to love our new house. I ignore them, as I’m trying to figure out where that nightmare that I had came from. Who the heck is Chiyo? Who are the Lycannors? Where the heck did any part of that dream come from in the first place?
“Bethany, we’re here.” mom says, opening the cab door and interrupting my thoughts. I get out of the cab, and look at our new house. I have to admit, I’m actually hating the fact that I’m starting to like it here. Crap.
I follow mom’s directions to where my new room is, and walk in. I start unpacking, starting with the box that’s labeled ‘Bethany’s Electronics’. The first thing that I pull out of the box is my laptop that I’d gotten for my last birthday. I open it up, abandoning the rest of it for now. I sign into my E-mail.
‘R U There?’ Is what the E-mail that I’m sending to my friends says. I get a reply from Ally, Alison, and Jazz, all asking the same thing.
‘What happened?’ I give them all a recap on what happened after I stepped off of that plane. Wow, this sounds crazy, even for me. But my friends aren’t exactly normal either (again, mentally), that and the fact that they know I’d never lie to them unless it was a life or death situation, might make it easier for them to believe it. Ally’s message says: ‘Ouch, are you ok?’
‘ I’m fine. I have a little bit of a concussion though, lost a few memories. Doc says that they should be back in a few weeks.’ I reply.
‘KK, I’ve gtg deal with my little sister. Try not to fall off of anything else, ok?’
‘Lol, I’ll try. Good luck.’
Alison’s message says: ‘lol, you’re such a klutz. Figures that you almost get yourself killed after you no more than take one step off of the plane.’
‘Yeah yeah, thank you captain obvious.’ I reply.
‘ I gtg, dad’s yellin’ at me to go do dishes. Bye.’
‘ Bye.’
Jazz’s message says: ‘That’s gonna leave a mark. Did you get hurt?’
‘ Nothing’s broken, and all I got was a little concussion caused memory loss that should clear up in a few weeks. I’ll be fine.’
‘ Alright, If you say so. I’ve gtg, computer’s being a pain.’
‘KK, bye.’
After that, I shut down the computer down, and go back to unpacking. I still don’t know what it was that I don’t remember, but I can deal with that later. Right now, I’ve got a date with a few boxes that can’t get canceled.

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